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Horoscope for December 2018 Sagittarius

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Horoscope for December 2018 Sagittarius

Favorable days in December 2018 for Streltsy: 2, 5, 8, 9, 10, 11, 13, 17, 19, 21, 23, 25, 27, 29, 30, 31.

Love Horoscope for December 2018 Sagittarius

You prefer constantly trying on the image of a strong and independent person who has become accustomed to solve all of her problems herself. Why not? First, representatives of this sign of the zodiac create trouble, and then they are sent to eliminate them. Why do you need all these numerous dramas? You are simply the queen of a depressive state, which lately covers more often with your head. Did not notice how growl about and without, on native people? Sagittarians increasingly have a desire to get arrows and shoot someone, while it turns out only a glance. If you continue in the same spirit, you will simply lose all your friends.

It is necessary to tune in to a wave of positive, lonely young ladies should take the initiative to the representatives of the stronger sex, and they will reciprocate. Go on a date, finally, and stop worrying about your former young man. Not all men are the same, true, unique frames.

December 7, the day of the new moon, it is better not to start any dating, an unfavorable period for the beginning of something new.

Lovers couple enjoy each other. You literally disappeared in the partner, and he feels for you crazy emotions and feelings. It is important to maintain this fire of passion, let the flames flare up with renewed vigor, and you burn in it. The main thing – do not burn, because these feelings literally go right through and this can lead to yet another experience and suffering.

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Couples can bravely strengthen their relationship, be sure to go to warm countries for the New Year, why not? Just do not need to bring your children and relatives, arrange a second honeymoon. You will be able to look a little differently at everything that is happening around you, perhaps even revise your life values. Only try without fanaticism, a million photos from the rest to bring absolutely not necessarily, you can limit one dozen. You went there not to be photographed, did you? Try to relax and immerse yourself in an atmosphere of complete harmony and mutual understanding.

Horoscope of Finance for December 2018 Sagittarius

There was a thought to change a kind of activity, but you still can not realize it in any way? It’s time to do something, the temperamental representatives of this sign constantly want to improve. Only boundless laziness prevents you, you kind of tended to radically change your life, but then thoughts about your favorite pillow and blanket were stronger. Just imagine, if you give only one hour a day to the hobby, you can achieve incredible success!

The stars will be supportive to you this month, and will help you achieve your goals. You have to get out of bed and go to conquer the vast expanses of this magnificent world of unpredictable turns. Efforts of mental and physical nature will be rewarded, do not hesitate to show initiative and express your opinion. The authorities will listen carefully and introduce your idea into an active work process. Sagittarians will be able to master the vastness of new knowledge and improve their professional level. Only because of your purposefulness and the desire to show yourself and healthy careerism can you expect to succeed.

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No financial transactions on December 22, the day of the full moon. This period is unfavorable for the beginning of something new, and even more, no manipulation of money.

Hand out the debts and forget about the word loan, for the next few months, otherwise you will get into a debt hole, from which it is unlikely to get out quickly.

Horoscope of health for December 2018 Sagittarius

Your body is weakened after such an active and fruitful month. The liver and heart are under threat, and all because of the lavish feasts that you prefer to organize at home. Each meal for the born under this sign of the zodiac, turns into a real ritual and you do not manage to keep yourself in hand. It’s time to show restraint and control, why not? How much can you go about your desires?

Time to stop smoking and stop drinking alcoholic beverages. Proper nutrition and sleep mode will help bring the body to shape, do not forget about regular physical activity. So what, what’s the minus temperature outside the window? No one at home forbade you to study at home! Include dance music and perform a set of exercises, found on the Internet. Extra pounds will leave you very quickly, before the winter ends.

A Sagittarius woman is a sensual and unshakable person who prefers to plunge into the atmosphere of positive emotions every day. If you miss a frosty day of vivid impressions, it’s time to get together with the best friends and spend time with soulful conversations. This is the best way to quickly come to, feel and feel this cherished impulse of pleasure and joy. Holidays will help to relax, meet with relatives and spend time with maximum benefit.

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Sagittarius does not hurt to get a hobby, because after work you need to relax and rest. How about courses that help to go through the stage of self-improvement? Culinary courses will award new knowledge, massage – will open new horizons and how not to forget about creative master classes. Be sure to have enough patience, it is unlikely that you will be able to become a famous designer for several lessons and present a collection of clothes to the public. But the courses of seamstresses, and then of design will help to open potential, for certain you always wanted it, but you were just afraid to admit it? Start building on the bricks a new stage in your life, you are the creator of everything that happens around you. Remember that nothing is impossible, if you make maximum efforts, you can radically change not only the situation, but also your life. Work on yourself every day and the long-awaited results will not take long.

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