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Horoscope for February 2018 Scorpio

Horoscope for February 2018 Scorpio

Favorable days for the Scorpions in February 2018: 4, 10, 13, 18, 20, 22, 24, 27 February.

Love horoscope for February 2018 Scorpio

All around for some reason they are afraid of representatives of this sign. Passionate lovers who are not afraid to experiment and try something new. Usually, such “hot” personalities are bypassed. Therefore, do not show your true nature on the first date. It is better to wear a mask of a sweet and modest young lady, who can talk on different topics. And there after a few meetings you can hit your partner with his fiery temperament, then he definitely will not go anywhere.

Scorpions, which are in the “active search”, it’s time to sting. There are so many interesting types of men around you, just take the time to meet them. From lack of attention, Scorpio never suffers, there are always a lot of fans around, which can even be called fans. They give flowers and are ready to sing songs under your windows. With such princes bored not be, you are looking for a romance that will win you to the depths of your soul with your sincerity and sense of humor. That’s why you should not consider each man as a life partner. Sift out those with whom you for some reason are not interested in spending time. Less nerves and let while in this life stage, while you are alone, do not rush to call yourself a strong and independent woman. It sounds too loud, it’s better not to scatter such phrases. If in your bright head, thoughts climb, about the former partner, boldly drive them away. He has given you so much suffering and suffering that now does not deserve your attention.

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With the former converge only for the sake of sex is not worth it, it is better to switch to another victim. In the relations of married couples it will be very hot, Scorpio needs emotions and he will get them at any cost. Try not to be jealous of your partner and especially not to arrange scandals every day. Even the most patient husband will sooner or later leave you because of such an incomprehensible agony of passion. Adhere to the “golden mean”, you can reset all your negative emotions during sex. Boldly dominate, for a change is just what you need. You can still your handsome man on an excursion to the sex shop to reduce, to somehow diversify the intimate life. With Scorpios it’s never boring, except that they get bored with a partner and want some kind of change.

Horoscope of Finance for February 2018 Scorpio

Money loves you, you can not make absolutely no effort. Representatives of this sign are able to earn. They are ambitious and emotional when they need to be ready to sting their competitor, but everything is just for the sake of achieving the cherished goal. Most Scorpions can boast of solid savings, which they spend on entertainment and gifts for loved ones. It is necessary to learn how to rationally distribute your incomes and expenses, otherwise you will not be short of salary and up to your salary. I’ll have to go in search of work-in-progress and get up early on weekends.

But this life is not for the Scorpions! Is not it? You are set up, getting more and the average salary is definitely not for you. Such persons aspire to maximum self-actualization, they are smart and want to receive several diplomas on higher education. You can not work by profession, the main thing is that there are all necessary documents for employment. Scorpios like to make each time a resume and enter new talents there.

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At work in February 2018, it is worthwhile to beware of curious colleagues. You should be confused by leading questions from employees who are always trying to go wrong. Do not even think, they are definitely planning something. You should always be alert, your communication skills will help you learn more and draw your conclusions. It is not recommended to be friends with someone from the team, otherwise everything can turn out to be not entirely successful for you. Where the prospective work is always a lot of rivals and wishing to grab your “piece of pie”. It is worth thinking about your own business, if there are any ideas, be sure to try to implement them, and see, you will succeed. Anyone who confidently goes to the goal is sure to get a worthy reward for all his labors and efforts. How about the financial reward? You could only have dreamed of a round sum on your account, but now everything is real.

Horoscope of health for February 2018 Scorpio

The digestive tract screams to you that you need to see a doctor. You are carried away by sharp, salty and fried food, so problems can not be avoided. The doctor prescribes medicines, and you must drink the whole course. Problems with the thyroid gland will make themselves felt, it should be as cautious as possible. Move more, try to lead an active lifestyle and then no illnesses will be scary to you. Scorpio spends a lot of time in the four-walled office, lacks fresh air and bright emotions and impressions. You need to add exercise, sign up for a dance and go to training twice a week. There should be no excuses, you should follow the regime and be honest at least to yourself. Ahead of the long-awaited spring, so you should use the maximum of the last winter month.

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It’s time to heal your nerves, they often run after you. An unstable emotional state does not allow to react adequately to everything that is happening around. You should learn to calm down, keep your emotions in your hands. Go to a psychologist, this magician will help to open up, and understand what’s on the business, you wish. Problems need to be addressed as they arrive, without delay. It is unlikely that you will be able to conduct yourself a psychoanalysis and identify with what exactly it is necessary to fight. Trust the professional, he will help to put things in their places, and very soon you will find yourself, and you will want to radically change your life. Change is always for the better, no matter how strange they may seem at first.

Scorpios often have problems with anger, so you need to find a way that will allow you to cope with it. Someone is helped by playing the drums, and someone is just delighted with the amateur performances and the organization of various events. For a long time dreamed to try itself in a role of the leader, but all did not dare? Your stellar hour has come. Just do not plan any important cases on February 16 – the new moon does not contribute to the beginning of something new.

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Horoscope for February 2018 Scorpio

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