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Horoscope for January 2018 Cancer

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Horoscope for January 2018 Cancer

Favorable days in January 2018 For Cancers: 1, 5, 8,9, 11, 14, 18, 22, 24, 25, 28 January.

Love Horoscope for January 2018 Cancer

Cupid advises not to go to the registry office with a man to whom you feel gentle and affectionate feelings. At least, the beginning of the new year does not bode well. Why take in a fit of impulse such a strategically important decision, when you can weigh all the pros and cons? You still have time to marry, it is much more pleasant to gather guests on a warm spring day. Relations worth checking for strength, maybe it suits a civil marriage and the hit “I’ll never marry you” is constantly playing in the car? If the partner does not run away from you in the winter, you can ring him. The offer of the hand and the heart should be made by him, no serenades under the window, you are a lady. In general, try to behave modestly, do not cry out “Well, finally waited” and “Mom will be delighted.”

Cancers are typical homebodies who prefer to spend all their free time sitting on their favorite couch. Well, at least for the Internet in time to pay, and then absolutely nothing to do. Do not wait for romantic actions from your beloved, he is clearly not up to flowers and sweets. The more you draw parallels between your handsome and male friends, the more you are covered by a wave of disappointment. Why is my not so responsible, determined and purposeful? For him, beer and football are in the first place, however, you fell in love with him just for what he is. And let him be irritable, nervous and rather aggressive, still “I will not leave him, because he’s good,” thinks Cancer.

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Born under this sign of the zodiac tend to idealize the life partner, right now you have the opportunity to take off the rose-colored glasses and draw your own conclusions. It’s never too late to break off a relationship with someone who does not appreciate you. You will find yourself still condemned, the light of a wedge did not converge on one male representative. But the bonds of marriage are serious, then start a divorce procedure, and time will waste your nerves.

Family Crayfish waiting for a pleasant surprise at the end of the month, be prepared for the unexpected. Perhaps a devoted husband takes you to the sea or just presents a bouquet of flowers. In any case, you will be satisfied with the display of such enormous attention from a loving partner.

Horoscope of Finance for January 2018 Cancer

Business trips and trips will be successful, so if the boss offers you to go on a small trip, be sure to agree. January promises to get acquainted with the right people who will help you build your own business. If you decide to change jobs – it’s time to start considering proposals, but only in the second half of the month. Do not agree with the entire burden of responsibility on your fragile shoulders after the first interview. The resume should be impeccable, do not lie about your services, but you can slightly embellish. Indicate your main qualities, a little self-promotion you definitely will not hurt. Any boss will appreciate the set of business qualities that will allow to solve the tasks set and to find a fine line between ambitiousness and self-realization.

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At the interview, behave as naturally as possible, there is absolutely no reason for nerves. Just be yourself, smile sincerely and answer all questions. It is worth to maximize yourself to download, at the end of the month to receive a pleasant reward in the form of wages. And there is already a bonus just around the corner if you work well next month. It’s too early to think about business, you are not yet ready to meet your secret dream.

Start-up capital is where to start. No money? Postpone with each salary and after a few years of hard work will be able to invest them in their own business. For those who prefer everything and immediately there is another option, which implies one more work. Work on weekends can squeeze out of you all the juices, but it will motivate you to move on, overcoming all the difficulties on your way. Cancer always worries about the outcome of the case, so he is considered a good employee, who deserves respect from his superiors and colleagues. Try not to take everything to heart, run the risk of going to a doctor soon. Do not plan anything during the full moon on January 2 and 31, this is not a very favorable period, especially for large financial investments.

Health Horoscope for January 2018 Cancer

Representatives of this sign of the zodiac often show off their indiscriminate eating habits. They can eat only sandwiches, and with the digestive system will be all right. At least, it seems, from the outside. Such a position can hurt you, you risk poisoning and you can hardly calculate the very product that caused the crash. Going for shopping, carefully look at the shelf life of products and quality composition. It is necessary to correct your diet by eliminating fried, fatty and smoked products. Recently, you have taken a great interest in snacking on the go and for such a meal stomach, is unlikely to say “thank you.” The gastroenterologist is waiting for you, gastric mucosa can and should be treated in the early stages. Cancers should learn how to get pleasure from eating, feel like real gourmets. Culinary shows will allow you to expand your horizons, and pamper your home with delicious dishes. The main thing is not to be lazy, to show imagination, decorating cooked recipes.

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On the New Moon, January 17, 2018, it is not advisable to make any important decisions about your own health. If you were going to a doctor that day, it’s better to correct the plans. Cancers need to learn to relax, you are too clamped and let all the emotions through yourself. It is impossible to stay away from other people’s troubles, but you will not have enough time to help everyone, neither the strength, nor the time. Remember that in the first place there should be a family, but not numerous friends and acquaintances who always need something. Learn to shield yourself from these emotions, stay a little selfish.

There is a wonderful word of three letters “no, and you will have to learn how to use it. Otherwise, everyone will drive around and nothing good will end there. Meditation, massage and fitness will help to put in order psychological and physical health. Training several times a week will prepare for the spring, get rid of extra pounds. And there is already very little left until the summer, you can go in search of a new swimsuit. In a fashion all bright and unusual, boldly experiment with new prints.

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