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Horoscope for March 2018 Capricorn

Horoscope for March 2018 Capricorn

Favorable days in March 2018 for Capricorn: 1, 3, 5, 9, 12, 15, 22, 24, 28, 29.

Love horoscope for March 2018 Capricorn

Cupid destroyed free representatives of this sign to go hunting. Why not? Spring is a great time to start a new relationship. Only without fanaticism, do not hang out on men, you just scare away all the individuals who claim to your hand and heart. They are already so afraid of enterprising young ladies, and here you are with your indecent proposals. It is impossible to deny yourself the pleasure of flirting with cute young people, just do not flirt.

You need to shoot your eyes very carefully, Cupid will find for you several worthy candidates, with whom you can have fun. Appearance can be deceptive, even the most handsome handsome, in the end can turn out to be a womanizer. A simple-minded guy with an excellent sense of humor against his background will look very much even winning. Be patient and wise, then everything will turn out well. And the princes will line up in front of your house in one big line, and each will ask your hand from your parents. Papa and mama will be sincerely pleased with this unexpected turn of events. They are going to marry you, but only the right candidate is not there. The main thing – do not take the horse, it does not need you.

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Enamored couples think about marriage and children, you can do everything in parallel. Feel free to appoint a wedding day and confidently go under the aisle with your chosen one. You managed to pass fire, water and copper pipes, what else remains? Just put a small stamp in your passport and decorate your finger with a ringlet. In the relations of married couples, a real hurricane of emotions is planned, which will accurately blow everything in its path. Arrange a romantic dinner for a man with a striptease, he will appreciate your sincere impulse. You can safely go on a short vacation, on weekends outside the city – just what you need.

Do not plan trips on March 17, the day of the new moon is better to stay at home. Talk about the most intimate, you can safely discuss future plans for life. Have you wanted to have a dog for a long time? Do you want to go on holiday with friends in the warmer regions? How about a new hobby? Share your thoughts with your soul mate, you’re one.

Horoscope of Finance for March 2018 Capricorn

Financial problems are no longer dangerous to you, because you have confidently decided to go to the end. Low wages, although stable for a long time you are no longer impressive. Only recruiting your own laziness can achieve success. Capricorn can not keep from spending unnecessarily, it suffers because of irrational spending of money, and as a consequence – money is constantly in short supply. March 2018 will give you a lot of pleasant surprises, your business will go up. By the summer you can think about your own business, enough will be a small start-up capital.

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You will constantly reassure yourself that everything is fine and now is not the time to invest anywhere. To break your spirit, there will always be various obstacles: the machinery will fail, the money will be urgently needed to buy new furniture, etc. Most importantly – do not spare the money spent, rejoice that you managed to do without loans at all. Born under this sign of the zodiac, typical workaholics, who are accustomed to an eight-hour work schedule. On the one hand, stable wages are good, you will always be sure that at the end of the month you will receive your modest pennies for small expenses. But you always built grandiose plans for life, you were just afraid to admit yourselves to that, did not you? The new work will allow you to earn several times more and spend all this wealth on gifts to relatives and friends will be much more pleasant.

In this situation, you can sacrifice the weekend, for the benefit of future earnings. Just do not get carried away, go to work with your head still is not worth it. At the end of the month, expect unexpected financial receipts, debtors will refund to you the funds that they borrowed. It is not recommended in the year of the Yellow Dog to crank any risky fraud, scammers divorced too much. In an instant you can lose not only money, but also lose further prospects. 2 and 31 March – the days of the new moon, do not make important decisions.

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Horoscope of health for March 2018 Capricorn

Work and personal life have taken up all your thoughts and there is not even time to think about your health. Look in the mirror, to whom have you turned? Under the eyes of circles, the eternal lack of sleep and the wrong sleep regime did their job. Here’s how to work late at night, the “first bell” in the form of a decline of strength, but you persevere in the same spirit. Missing the appetite? What’s next? You will begin to fall into fainting, and then go to the hospital for a dropper. Capricorns should remember one important rule, you do not need to accumulate problems. Try to solve everything as it arrives. At the first symptoms of malaise, seek medical advice as soon as possible. Work on the daily routine, allocate time for rest.

About snacks on the go, even there can be no question. The digestive system is your weak point, and as an “enjoyable” bonus, extra pounds. And then you’ll have to go to the gym to sit on a hard diet. Fatty food, spicy and salty only aggravates the whole situation. Consult with a nutritionist, he will help you to make the right diet. Nothing superfluous, you can eat a chocolate bar if you really want to. Spring avitaminosis will make itself felt, just do not get into a state of hysteria and panic. In the refrigerator should always be fresh fruits and vegetables. Get a useful habit – breakfast, you will feel a rush of energy and vigor throughout the day.

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Horoscope for March 2018 Capricorn

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