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Horoscope for March 2018 Virgo

Horoscope for March 2018 Virgo

Favorable days in March 2018 for the Virgin: 1, 4, 7, 8, 11, 13, 15, 19, 22, 25, 29.

Love horoscope for March 2018 Virgo

Do you feel Cupid soaring above you? He has already looked after several candidates for the role of your chosen one. You just need to be as serious as possible and try to make a good impression on every young person. Virgo is one of the sexiest signs, so it is so important for them to be constantly in a relationship. At this life stage, you do not have a satellite? It does not matter, you can always go to a nightclub with your girlfriends just to have a good time.

Who knows, maybe, there you will meet your destiny? Jupiter has a strong impact on every person born under this sign of the zodiac. Feelings flare up with renewed vigor and this fire can not be extinguished. Couples still find out the relationship with each other, Virgo will not miss the opportunity to flirt with another man. True, the second half does not necessarily know about it. But he clearly guesses that something is going wrong and arranges more often scenes of jealousy.

Little secrets become more and more, you are already blazing with passion, and you want to quickly change one partner to another. Do not think about the consequences of your impulsive antics, if you decide to act – take a step towards your sexual fantasies. No feelings, only sexual satisfaction, what could be better? However, with such windy behavior, you risk earning a serious venereal disease this spring. Yes, and the reputation can suffer if someone from your acquaintances in the company of another man notices you.

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Pay attention to family and friends, you need to switch, so as not to commit rash acts. Do not schedule a date for March 2 and 31 – a full moon, not a favorable period for active activities. Virgo knows how to attract attention to her modest person, the main mystery is that the women born under this sign change the men like gloves. With such a hot woman just will not be bored, so Virgo is an ideal lover. She is ready to throw aside all her prejudices and enjoy every moment lived.

Financial horoscope for March 2018 Virgo

You need to concentrate on work, March will be very stressful. All problems immediately will make themselves felt, and will have to rake this craziness. You can multiply your money, but only if you make a good deal. Virgo is a great lover of adventures, not only love, but also financial. If this person is interested, he is ready even to step over his pride, and to go further to conquer the expanses of an amazing world, called business. Do not you appreciate the authorities? How much can you tolerate the director’s antics? Do not be afraid to take a step towards a better future, there should not be any stereotypes – you just have to live for your own pleasure. Caring for parents and children comes first and only then financial frauds that will seem profitable to you. Virgos often forget that they have not yet paid their debts.

March 2018 is the month that will allow you to look at the usual things in a completely different way. Why avoid a person if you can just give him the money and continue to live his life. Yellow Dog does not like when one of her wards gets into debt. Therefore, she is so interested in helping you get rid of them. If you can earn extra money – do not deny yourself this pleasure. Probably, you will be offered to conclude a fictitious marriage, you should consider this proposal from a financial point of view. Be legally competent in all matters, and you will definitely get a mutually beneficial deal. Try not only to discuss all the details orally, but also write down all the points in writing and notarize the document. And then you can sleep already.

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March 17 is the day of the new moon, in which it is not worthwhile to conclude any important deals, even to meet with partners should not be on that day. Your financial situation is only in your hands. Virgos need to make a lot of effort to earn money. They themselves do not want to swim in your hands, and you have to rely only on yourself. Relatives will not leave you an inheritance, so feel free to try on the mask of a strong and independent woman who herself solves her problems. Do not be idealistic, if a young man proposes to legalize relations, one should consider his financial situation. An excellent bonus to your beauty and charisma.

Horoscope of health for March 2018 Virgo

When was the last time you visited a doctor? The doctor is ready to accept you at any time, it is high time to undergo a complete examination. Virgo does not like to go to hospitals and constantly reassures herself that pain is just a temporary phenomenon. In your medicine cabinet you can find several types of pain medication, you are just afraid of admit that the problem still exists and it must be solved as soon as possible. Take medication in accordance with the prescription of the doctor, no initiative should not be. Alternative medicine for those who can not afford to go to the clinic.

No one knows exactly what the actions of these shamans can lead to, so there should always be a spare option. Yellow Dog offers you the full range of its services, it is even ready to help find a good doctor. The Internet is of help to you and, of course, there will be enough free time. Your diet and sleep is completely lost, the cholesterol level is higher than normal. What to do? The main thing is not to panic.

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Remember that any problem is solved, you just need not delay with the treatment process. At the end of the month you can become a hostage of the situation: infectious and viral diseases are going to replenish their ranks. March is a wonderful month to go in for sports. You put everything back for later physical exertion, and it’s soon summer and you’ll need to impress everyone on the beach with your chic figure and a new swimsuit.

To enroll in a gym is standing today, it’s better to study individually. The trainer will tell you about the proper nutrition and help to evenly distribute the load to all muscle groups. Do not start with power sports, you can be like fitness or aerobics. The next day you should not die from pain in the muscles, with exercises you should be more careful. The sleep mode should be adjusted if you sleep less than 6 hours a day. It is advisable to go to bed until 00.00, as the heart rests after midnight.

Owls are encouraged to try to wake up earlier, so that the energy reserve ends by midnight. You will be surprised to find how much useful you can do if you wake up early. And that’s without saying that you can not get to work in a hurry, but as a true lady: you have a head to wash, make up and how to stand in traffic. Virgo is a real fighter who will not tolerate the grin of Destiny, she intends to take matters into her own hands.

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Horoscope for March 2018 Virgo

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