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Horoscope for May 2018 Capricorn

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Horoscope for May 2018 Capricorn

Favorable days in May 2018 for Capricorn: 2,3, 5, 7,9, 10, 14, 17, 19, 22, 23, 26, 28, 30, 31.

Love horoscope for May 2018 Capricorn

Do not take risks and bind yourself by marriage to the first man you meet. Let him speak beautifully and treat you well, but this does not mean that you can marry him. To the unfamiliar representatives of a male it is necessary to say a firm “no” if you do not want troubles. Capricorns should adhere to a simple rule, if there is no one interesting on the horizon, I’d rather dedicate a lot of free time to my beloved. Cupid approves of your rush and offers to enroll in a hairdresser, enter a manicure and change the style of clothes. New emotions give self-confidence and here the crowds of men see you off. At this stage in life, it’s better to just let go of the situation and not get hung up on what’s going on around you.

The main intrigue of the enamored Capricorns, whether the dare will dare to ask for your hand. I want everything to be romantic – he will ride on a horse to you with a bouquet of flowers, drop on one knee and plead with tears to marry. And you are so confused, take a little time and agree to become his lawful wife. If everything was just as your imagination has drawn, there would not be single women in the world. But, alas, men can not read thoughts and it is better to discuss this topic with him during a sincere conversation. Your relationship should go through several more trials and then you can only decide on such desperate deeds.

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Family couples were absorbed in reflections, they were covered with a revaluation of values. You pay so little attention to your husband and children, constantly disappearing at work. It’s worth changing jobs, or trying to rebuild your schedule so that you have time to go to the movies and theaters with your own people. Share work and personal life. But the family should always be in the first place. Do not plan any important events on May 15, the day of the new moon does not promise anything good.

Horoscope of Finance for May 2018 Capricorn

The last spring month will be difficult for you from a moral point of view. Grievances and disappointments persecute the Capricorn, and can not in any way protect themselves from these experiences. It seems that close people do not understand you at all, but this is no reason to be upset. It is better to direct this energy in the right direction, for example, to work. You can safely ask the boss for a new project to distract and show everything you can do.

Women born under this sign of the zodiac are not ready to work for pennies. They always strive to be the best, the first and look great in this, fighting colleagues on the spot at work. The surging energy will help you to put your nerves in order and to prove yourself well after performing a responsible mission. Have you decided to go into free swimming and start your own business? Only now can not you write a statement at work? May 2018 will help you understand yourself, the main adviser will be the charming Yellow Dog. She has the gift of persuasion and is ready to support you in any situation.

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At the end of the month it is recommended to take at least 5 days off to think things over and come to the only right decision. Change your usual mouth, leave the comfort zone, because this is exactly what you need. The more you shut yourself in and do not dare to do something, the faster time flies. Change is always for the better, even if at first nothing happens, then you get used to and discover a lot of advantages. On May, 29th on a full moon it is not recommended to go on business meetings which will put you before the fact of acceptance of the difficult decision. You can weigh all the pros and cons and on any other day publicize your verdict.

Horoscope of health for May 2018 Capricorn

You can suffer emotionally if you do not watch your health. The first signs of depression, melancholy and apathy. I do not want anything, there is, in general, I just want to lie in bed, curled up. Capricorn seems that he has driven himself into a dead end, nothing interesting happens around and you just want to cry in the pillow. You have accumulated too many negative emotions, which will be difficult to cope with alone. All diseases from the nerves, any doctor will tell you about it. If you will often expose yourself to stress, then you will have to run around the doctors and take numerous tests.

The cardiovascular system failed, and self-medication in such a situation makes no sense. Capricorn loves self-interest, this is his favorite sport. Instead of going for a walk, you scroll in your head memories and fantasize about the subject of events that have not yet taken place. It is necessary to fill your mind with useful information. How about signing up for a course? You probably wanted to become a happy possessor of useful skills, and now your time has come. You can afford to drink a glass of wine, you must definitely control the process of drinking alcohol. If you really want, then you can and should make a step towards a bad habit.

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Everything should be in moderation, allow yourself a little drink and relax, it will become much easier. At the end of the month you will feel better, but for now you will have to work on yourself. Boring lives? It’s time to plan your free time, not always to lie under the blanket in bed. Excursions, walks around the city, cafes and theaters are just what you need. The main thing is not to stop there, you can keep your word? A Capricorn woman is one of the representatives of the fair sex who know how to beautifully submit themselves. Feel free to use this skill and establish communication contacts with other people. Communication will benefit you, especially if it is with representatives of the opposite sex.

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