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Horoscope for November 2018 Scorpio

Horoscope for November 2018 Scorpio

Favorable days in November 2018 for Scorpios: 2, 5, 8, 9, 10, 11, 13, 15, 18, 19, 20, 22, 25, 28, 29, 30.

Love horoscope for November 2018 Scorpio

Cupid is shocked by all that is happening, you are doing a great job without his help all year round. Thanks to her natural sexuality, the Scorpio woman attracts many representatives of the stronger sex like a magnet and then she can not decide herself. If you are in an active search, do not rush to make your choice. On the other hand, it is not recommended to tighten too, you are not a little girl – it’s just ridiculous for months to walk around the bush at your age.

Representatives of this zodiac sign really like role-playing games, you can open your acting potential and surprise your partner. He obviously does not expect that a mysterious stranger will come to see him in a bright coat and a strict hat that will be presented by another’s name. Play, excite, but do not overdo it – otherwise interest will disappear. Passionate temperament of these ladies at first can scare away, but still a man will return. He does not have such sharp sensations, and you know this very well.

Enamored couples can not part, they are constantly looking for ways to meet and spend as much time together as possible. A crazy bottle of passion, from which goosebumps run over, and want to experience these emotions again and again. Walking in a sex shop will give you not only pleasant impressions, but also will allow you to stock up interesting things with which you will often experiment. Handcuffs and a whip, obligatory attributes for those who dreams as soon as possible to plunge into this sensual world of a temptation. Do not deny yourself the pleasure of spending your free time unforgettably.

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No date on November 7 on the day of the new moon, it’s better not to have a heart-to-heart talk, you risk quarreling.

Family couples are, as if at a crossroads, and can not in any way make a strategically important decision how to operate in a difficult situation. You constantly swear, and finding a common language with each passing day is becoming more difficult. Is there any way out of the situation? We need to talk heart to heart, just express everything that boiled up. Often husband and wife do not want to talk, as a result, this snowball becomes more and more with each month and year and then in an instant turns into an avalanche. She is on her way destroying everything, and it is impossible to offer any resistance. It’s never too late to put important things on the shelves and understand yourself, to continue to live further in peace and harmony under one roof. And if nothing happens? Then you have to put up with what happened.

Horoscope of Finance for November 2018 Scorpio

How about an office battle? You were bored and sad to watch everything that is happening in your professional life, and you decided to diversify your leisure time? A Scorpio woman herself is ready to come up with a problem in order to solve it later. Here such here it is strong, independent and self-assured person who can cope with all difficulties. But you are a fragile young lady and often forget about it, it’s time to descend from heaven to earth.

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At work, hardly anyone will appreciate your humor, if you make a stir in the dining room, it’s just boring, it happens. Do not take complex projects, if possible, it is better to abandon any tasks altogether and just pretend that you are working. For prevention, this tactic is useful, because you are used to always and everywhere be the first and the boss is rightfully proud of you. Scorpio – a workaholic person, with whom it is impossible to compete, you are simply the best in your business. Thanks to the realization of creative ambitions, you manage to combine not only work, but also your favorite hobby.

Have you ever thought about starting to make money on a business that brings you pleasure? Pictures can be sold, fakes, origami – anything, anything. The main thing is that your work is original and attracts the attention of the audience, then everything will necessarily happen. Reserve a good mood, and bravely into battle, you will surely want to plunge into the captivating world of unforgettable emotions.

On November 23, at the full moon, do not plan any business meetings, you can just stay at home and review your favorite films.

This is going to be a wonderful time to spend and want to somehow repeat this quest. Scorpio is already in anticipation of the New Year holidays, but keep yourself in hand. Allocate a certain amount from the budget and try to buy gifts to all your friends and not spend more. This is a complex mission, but feasible. A Scorpio woman sins with constant embezzlement, she is uneconomical and tries not to deny herself anything. Then the idea with additional earnings should come to your taste, it remains only to think about the plan of action and can be safely implemented.

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Horoscope of health for November 2018 Scorpio

With health in this month, there will be no problems, except that at work you will catch a virus disease somewhere. But this can be prevented if you consume more vitamins and take good care of your body. Fresh fruits and vegetables will be an excellent prevention of colds, start today gargle with herbal decoctions and do not forget about regular physical activity.

Something you have completely relaxed recently and there were extra pounds at the waist, so it is impossible. Imagine a terrible picture, you will continue to eat cake and cakes and do not fit into any jeans. It will be necessary to update the entire wardrobe, and close people will constantly ask you, why did you get so much better? All the strength of the will needs to be gathered into a fist, although you do not want to do it, and it’s unlikely that you will be able to take and tune in to the right nutrition in this way – take risks. Go to a consultation with a nutritionist, this wizard will perform real miracles – as a reward you will get back your ideal figure. The prospect is wonderful, so be tuned to a positive result and confidently go to the goal.

In the morning, you have to wake up early to do exercises, take a contrast shower and have breakfast. Do you have problems with early ascents? Then over the sleep mode, you’ll still have to work, go to bed early and then it will be easier to get up in the morning. You will be surprised to find how many interesting and useful things can be done during this time.

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Horoscope for November 2018 Scorpio

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