45167 Horoscope for October 2018 Pisces

Horoscope for October 2018 Cancer

Horoscope for October 2018 Cancer

Favorable days in October 2018 for the Rakov: 1, 4, 6, 8, 10, 11, 14, 16, 19, 20, 21, 23, 27, 29, 30, 31.

Love Horoscope for October 2018 Cancer

Cupid mysteriously smiles, he has already matured in his head a cunning plan. And while the Cancer woman is struggling to forget her former lover, this magician proposes to kick the wedge with a wedge. The lonely representatives of this sign of the zodiac must necessarily discover something fascinating, exciting and at the same time unusual. How about feelings of love? It must necessarily be mutual and thanks to Cupid you can find a soul mate.

Try in October to maximize yourself by downloading meetings, visits and hikes with friends at the cinema. This kind of spending time will allow you to relax and swim with the flow of life, sometimes emerging from this crazy water flow. Do not overdo it, because if Raku something like it, he will do his best to cling his claws and hold. Victim just can not escape, on the other hand – a man will be sure of your serious intentions. If you really like any handsome guy, then you can conquer his heart. In the arsenal of such a woman a lot of tricks, which you can “catch bait.”

Enamored couples have already settled down, they are used to strolling by the hand on the streets of the city and looking each other intently into their eyes. A little more and you will be taken to the registry office, just a unique place that will legitimize the relationship with the partner. Do not be afraid to take this serious step towards your happiness, if you are absolutely sure of what you are experiencing towards a person. On the other hand. Illusions of yourself, too, should not be embarrassed, if a man is not in a hurry to offer you the bonds of marriage, do not take the initiative. It is possible to hint transparently, to come from afar, but no more.

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There are no dates on October 9 on the day of the new moon, not a very favorable period for talking about such topics. Family couples are ready to beat the dishes and scream about how tired their spouse is. For years of living together you want to experience some new feelings. In the end, sleeping with the same man for ten years or more is simply indecent. Time to think about yourself favorite, maybe your relationship just exhausted itself and it’s time to interrupt them? Do as the heart tells you and never regret anything.

Horoscope of Finance for October 2018 Cancer

Money is ready to replenish your stocks, financially profitable for those Cancers who worked hard day after day. And let the boss not always notice how responsibly and seriously you come to the fulfillment of your direct duties – try to do everything possible so that he will notice it. Sometimes, at work, you can also linger, finishing some papers and smiling radiantly. Ask for a new project, the initiative in this case can not be punished.

For those who want to change jobs – boldly start looking for a suitable job and going for interviews. If your solution is hard as flint, do not go back to it. Once we have already decided to do everything in our own way, it is necessary to reach the victorious end. The troubles of the past period will disappear in an instant, and the team will have a friendly atmosphere. On the other hand, the stars advise Cancers not to lose their vigilance, such frivolous relations can greatly worsen your situation. Finance will follow the plan, wait for pleasant surprises.

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No business meetings on October 24 on the full moon day, this period does not bode well. It is better to postpone the negotiations on some other day, Luck will definitely be on your side. Awards, gifts and cash receipts in October await every Cancer. At the beginning of the month, you should not spend too much, even if you saved a bit last month and now decide to spend that amount on shopping. And now what? Money likes to score, it’s better to delay now, but at the end of the month you will have the opportunity to spend it for domestic needs, this is also an important expense item. The key intrigue is how not to break and in an instant not to spend everything?

Try to keep yourself in hand, paint all your income and expenses, this will help you understand many of the nuances. Cancers never happen that they spent everything to the last kopeck and now sit and wait for the weather at the sea. This is a wonderful character trait that allows you to save money.

Horoscope of health for October 2018 Cancer

Family Cancers will experience an emotional upsurge, being surrounded by relatives and close people. One complete pleasure and absolutely no reason for frustration. Recently, you often suffer from digestive problems, it’s time to tidy up your diet. You eat food dry and indiscriminately, it’s time to start a habit of eating soups.

In the autumn, the body needs vitamins, except vegetables and fruits, you can safely use medicines from the pharmacy. The complex must be drunk necessarily, in order to meet with the full hostility of the influenza virus, which is rapidly approaching. Try to keep all your emotions under control, no unnecessary worries and nerves and then everything will be good.

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By the middle of October, you can cover with a wave of apathy, feel “like a squeezed lemon” and want to sleep even during the day. At night, you peak activity and insomnia, which even sleeping pills do not cope with. With this urgently you need to do something, be sure to ask for help from a specialist. Everything starts usually with such trifles, and then in an instant turns into a coma of trouble and problems that have yet to be fought. Cancer until the last moment will doubt whether it is worth going to a doctor at all? It should not be brought to the point where the ambulance does not come for you.

With a view to prevention, it is necessary to take tests every six months to calm down your nerves, who are already fooling around. A psychologist will help you deal with any problem, and you will feel much easier. Once you figure out your “inner cockroaches”, you will be able to confidently move on. And at once in some magical way the symptoms of insomnia will disappear, and you will feel a surge of energy and strength.

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