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Horoscope for October 2018 Scorpio

Horoscope for October 2018 Scorpio

Favorable days in October 2018 for Scorpios: 2, 4, 6, 10, 11, 13, 16, 19, 20, 21, 23, 27, 29, 30, 31.

Love horoscope for October 2018 Scorpio

Cupid is used to the fact that in your personal life there are always some kind of fighting. On the front line, the Scorpio woman feels confident, she is not ready to give up everything for the sake of one man, so she spins the novel with several representatives of the stronger sex at once. Lonely babes are recommended to show initiative more often, flirt with handsome men and even invite them to date. Walking and coffee in the cafe is completely non-binding, so know. On October 9, on the day of the new moon, just do not risk arranging a sit-round, an unfavorable period for amorous affairs, it is better to postpone the meeting for another time.

You are ready to find a soul mate, start with your environment. Representatives of this zodiac sign prefer beautiful men, these cute boys have long been out of fashion. Why do you need him at all? The partner will behave as if he condescended to a relationship with you. Self-esteem usually in such individuals is very high, they will have to constantly adjust to them. With the choice you can have a problem, drop a few criteria and very soon a suitable type will be found and you will be comfortable with it with it.

Enamored couple completely abandoned their relationship, but how to build and brick? How many it is possible not to notice the elect? He tries to do everything to make you feel like a real queen. It’s time to arrange a romantic evening for him, fill the tub with hot water, foam, light the candles and wait for the moment when he appears on the doorstep of the apartment. Play in role-playing games, today you are a very bad kitty, and you must prove it to him in bed. After such a hot reception, he is already exactly from you will not go anywhere. Couples too often share their thoughts about their relationship with strangers, is it possible?

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All of your words can be made public in an instant, and you will also learn new details about yourself and your wife behind your back. It’s better not to risk it and not discuss anything, keep yourself in hand. If you decide to arrange a second half of the internal rate, do not hesitate and do it. You are not the first year living under one roof, and somehow all these years found a common language with each other? Feel free to dare!

Horoscope of Finance for October 2018 Scorpio

You zakrugit in a crazy whirlpool of emotions and events that will not leave free time. Wanted to climb the career ladder? For starters, you have to work hard and prove to your superiors that you are the woman who will head the department. Strong, independent and purposeful person, able to overcome any obstacles and difficulties on his life path. On the fragile shoulders were piled high volumes of work, try to rationally distribute their forces. Gather with your thoughts, set a goal and confidently go to her, then by the end of the month you finish the project and take up the new one. Here it is the motivation, which will become the main engine of progress, without any doubt. It is important to show independence, at the first difficulties not to run to consult with the authorities, and not to try to do something in a fit of impulse. Decisions must be weighed, especially if you are going to negotiate. October 24, the day of the full moon is better not to arrange business meetings, risk signing a dubious contract.

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Autumn is a romantic time, which has the opportunity to do self-learning as soon as possible. Remember that any high-quality work will open all the doors to you and give the key to the fulfillment of the secret desire. In the financial field, you have new prospects, that’s a pleasant surprise. Think about where you can invest these money, then to earn even more. Additional earnings only for those Scorpions who want to continue to deal exclusively with their own business, develop in a new direction. In any case, you need a starting capital, do not believe that everything is going to work out for you. On one single motivation you will not go far, but you can try at least for a short time to amuse yourself with illusions. Begin to save money right now and after a few months you will be pleasantly surprised. It turns out that you can save on small things, then to invest in a profitable business.

Horoscope of health for October 2018 Scorpio

You are prone to allergic reactions, even in October you should be afraid of the terrible symptoms that can overtake every representative of this sign. Problems with digestion seem to haunt you. Have you finished? The same feeling when you live without breakfast and do not eat normally at lunch. What is this coffee and endless sandwiches? It’s time to tie your sincere friendship with these harmful elements of breakfast, lunch and dinner. The whole day you do not eat anything, and then in the evening you start hiking to the refrigerator. The most important thing – keep yourself in your hands, preferably very hard, otherwise at any time you can break. The lock on the refrigerator will help fix the whole situation. Train yourself to have breakfast, and it should be a normal breakfast, not a banana or an apple on the way to work. Lunch should be full, all calls, customers and numerous letters will wait.

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Silence, tranquility and pacification are just what you need. A little favorite music in the headphones and now you are already inspired to continue to smile at people, although still some 40 minutes ago I wanted to sting everyone with my long tail. A Scorpio woman is an unpredictable person, she always does only what she wants and basically follows her mood when she makes a decision. Comfort for such people plays an important role, and if there is not, at least one link in the chain in Scorpio will begin a real madness in the form of a splash of aggression on everyone. Go to massage, visit a rehabilitator who will fix all your bones and do everything possible to make you feel much better. Do not forget to strengthen your body, multi-colored tablets help you do it. Consult a doctor, he will definitely write you a course of drugs that are worth drinking.

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Horoscope for October 2018 Scorpio

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