Horoscope for October 2018 Taurus
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Horoscope for October 2018 Taurus

Horoscope for October 2018 Taurus

Favorable days in October 2018 for Taurus: 1, 3, 5, 7, 10, 11, 12, 14, 17, 19, 20, 22, 25, 28, 29, 31.

Love horoscope for October 2018 Taurus

There are so many representatives of the opposite sex around you, but you still can not find the one and only one. First, the Taurus woman came up with an ideal, and then she believed in him. It’s time to go down from heaven is not the earth, it’s unlikely that such a man actually exists, the criteria should be much less. Lonely people should take the initiative, a little flirt and look at the reaction of fans. Do not flirt, just do not have to go out every day with different men. Decide with the chosen one and do your best to stay with you as long as possible. The option of a measured, calm and quiet life without any strong shocks is the limit of your dreams and it’s worth to strive for it.

Enamored Taurus can not resist the crazy temptation to have fun on the side. It is important for you to feel irresistible, but it can be worth the relationship, did not you think? Sooner or later, evil tongues will certainly inform “good news” to the partner and an unpleasant conversation awaits you. If you are drawn to adventure, then first consider all the pros and cons and only then act, but you do not need to bend the stick.

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Couples have been married for several years already, they managed to come to harmony and mutual understanding. There is not enough fire and passion to add. Throw droplets into the bonfire of emotions and do not regret your decision. Where should I start? Visit with a second half sex shop, this institution will help you to diversify the time spent in bed to the maximum, even in this and do not doubt. Conservative Taurus will find it difficult to get used to something new, but these changes will only benefit you.

October 9, the day of the new moon, do not risk going together to solve serious questions, no dates. You can argue against the background of some trifles, for example, in a sex shop you will like different elements of the BDSM set.

Horoscope of Finance for October 2018 Taurus

The second autumn month is favorable for new beginnings. If you have long wanted to share with your boss your creative ideas – bravely dare, because everything is in your hands. It’s time to get a business plan and start to save money to start your own business. Do not believe the coaches who tell tales in the seminars that it is enough to just go to their goal. If there is no money, how will you realize your dream? Starting capital in any case should be and absolutely no exceptions to the rule in this case is not expected.

Taurus, who dreamed of changing jobs – it’s time to write a statement of care. Write and boldly put it on the manager’s desk, the main thing – do not be afraid of anything. Your decision must be made not in an impulsive impulse, it must be considered. Weigh all the pros and cons, put everything on the shelves and only then endure our stern verdict. The stars predict business prospects for you in October, show maximum pragmatism and concentration. Colleagues will discuss you behind your back, but do not pay attention to provocation. Remember that you are confidently going towards your goal, and you will necessarily succeed.

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Down with fatigue and absent-mindedness, try to avoid unnecessary questions, you are a self-sufficient person, you have every right to not answer them. Understand your costs, recently you just spend and do not put anything back on the card. It’s time to change tactics, gradually cut costs for all sorts of trivia, and you’ll see how at the end of the month you will have a round sum of money. How much can you go to a café at lunch time, instead of cooking at home in the evenings? Be sure to draw conclusions for yourself, you can save on food, if you do not buy any nonsense in the form of: ice cream, chocolates and cookies.

On October 24, the day of the full moon, it is better not to arrange business meetings, transfer them to some other day. So you will rid yourself of personal nerves, to conclude a contract on an unfavorable day is not recommended.

Horoscope of health for October 2018 Taurus

You feel “squeezed lemon”, in the morning do not want to wake up early for work, and at night – early to fall asleep. Rather, on the contrary, you have a peak of activity and want as long as possible to sit on the Internet, correspond with a friend and flip through the tape in social networks. Will continue in the same spirit, and sleep for several hours a day – you are waiting for a banal overwork from the emotional tension, which is given daily by your favorite work. You will not be given a gift of energy this month, so be morally and psychologically ready for it. The onset of cold weather can bring with it an influenza virus, as well as a cold. Do not abuse warm clothes, try to always dress in the weather. How long can you walk in one T-shirt on the street? Sports will help to cheer up and not fall asleep in the middle of the working day.

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It is recommended in the morning to take a contrast shower and at least 15 minutes to perform a number of physical exercises. After work – welcome to the gym, classes with an individual coach is just what you need. Do not forget to eat properly, healthy food, fresh vegetables and fruits will give a good mood. Excess kilograms will go away by themselves, for this you will not need to exert tremendous efforts.

Remember that you should practice yourself regularly. If you twice a week for a kind of shook the press and ran in the park – do not wait for something more. In addition, you do this only for yourself, not for others. Therefore, there should be no show of speeches. It’s time to revive your boring image, stroll around the shops, buy yourself some stylish things – here they are, new positive emotions. They simply can not be much, all do not buy up – act as rationally as possible.

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