Horoscope for October 2018 Virgo
45167 Horoscope for October 2018 Pisces

Horoscope for October 2018 Virgo

Horoscope for October 2018 Virgo

Favorable days in October 2018 for Dev: 1, 3, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11,13, 15, 17, 19, 20, 22,23, 25, 27, 28, 29, 31.

Love horoscope for October 2018 Virgo

Since the beginning of the month many representatives of this sign of the zodiac are waiting for adventure on the love front. Prankster Cupid is ready to make you a pleasant company, to observe from the side and then express your opinion. These unforgettable emotions will accompany you throughout the month. A feeling of wings, which will not leave for a moment – this is a flight of fantasy and thoughts. You can not count on a serious relationship, everything will come in due time. Flirt, fall in love, but do not let it get too close to you.

Most Devs very simply refer to love triangles, and relationships for one night. Life in fact one and wants to live it unforgettably, but in all serious it is not necessary to start up, then the trip to the venereologist will not give special pleasure. Be vigilant, on the first date, certainly not to go to bed with a stranger, whom you know for just over an hour. Enamored couples already are in a relationship, but they constantly glance, then to the right, then to the left. The Virgo woman is inherently impermanent, she can meet simultaneously with several men and consider that this is perfectly normal. Much will depend on such a situation from upbringing, but still, the temptation is too great. So I want to know all the types of the stronger sex, undressing them and devouring their eyes.

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Remember the advice of parents, then you will definitely succeed. Married couples have been married for years, and you just want to rest from life, if you want it more than anything else – then throw everything and go alone together on vacation. If there is no such opportunity to leave, at least spend the weekend together. You will have something to talk about and shut up. Preliminary it is worth buying a beautiful underwear and stockings that will arouse a partner.

Horoscope of Finance for October 2018 Virgo

There is an increased business activity, the stars prophesy pleasant surprises in the form of long-awaited financial receipts. You in fact so dreamed to earn more money as soon as possible, and here it is a secret dream come true and now nothing remains to reap the fruits of your efforts. The stars prophesy to you success and recognition, of course, the whole world will not know about you – but the probability of becoming famous is high.

October 9, the day of the new moon, it is better not to conduct business negotiations, an absolutely unfavorable period for this. It is better to postpone such events until better times. The middle of the month helps to open new horizons and be understood at the top. Do bosses send on a business trip? You have been dreaming about her for so long and it’s time to go to another city to not only work, but also to unwind a little. You can afford such a small pleasure, to tear yourself away from the usual life, which is already rather boring.

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Is it worth investing in October money in the project, initiated by relatives and friends? Yellow Dog advises to work exclusively with trusted and reliable partners who will not exactly leave you with nothing. Money should be multiplied, remember this. The Woman-Virgo is self-confident and tries to act reasonably in any incomprehensible situation. And rightly, there should not be any impulsive decisions. Your professional status can change, one more step on the path to career growth.

Only this will happen if you do not be lazy and do your best. Drive away laziness, it will not make you a happy person. To change life for the better, you must first get up from the sofa and only then make up a business plan, prescribing in it numerous nuances. Those born under this sign of the zodiac, there is an entrepreneurial vein, which must be developed.

Horoscope of health for October 2018 Virgo

You are a big fan of dressing not for the weather. How many can run out into the street in just one T-shirt. So what, that you decided to go to the store, and it is not far away – the weather is deceptive. The mood of the Virgin directly depends on whether the rain drips outside the window. If it’s cool and the sun is hidden, you’ll walk like a cloud. Do not get irritated over trifles, superfluous emotions let loose. You seem to have become easier, but you have offended the loved one quite by accident and this is not good.

Take care of your feet, you should avoid hypothermia. Consult with the doctor regarding measures to improve blood circulation, it is recommended to do special massages and baths, they will definitely help to cope with the unpleasant sensations that periodically accompany you. If you seek help from a doctor in time, do not aggravate your symptoms. October 24, the day of the full moon is better not to go to a specialist, not a very good period for the diagnosis.

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A bad mood will help to win a walk with friends. Go drinking coffee with your friends, be sure to take an umbrella with you, suddenly it will rain? The Virgo woman is too serious about how she is dressed. Must be things only from the latest fashion collections and necessarily branded. You have nothing to spend money on? It is better to buy more things and spend the same amount than one dress and handbag. You need to learn to manage money rationally, you let them go to the wind.

Pleasure yourself with cosmetic procedures, go to massage, visit SPA and feel refreshed and spiritualized to continue to work on yourself confidently. Remember that you need not only to pick beautiful outfits, but also not to be lazy in the morning doing beautiful makeup. It is not necessary to use bright colors, to allocate eyes and lips. Just try to look natural, correct your shortcomings and increase your confidence. On the other hand, you are already irresistible and you know it very well. October surely will bring you much joy, but only on one condition – if you will leave the house and conquer the vastness of this vast world.

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