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Horoscope for September 2018 Libra

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Horoscope for September 2018 Libra

Favorable days in September 2018 for Libra: 1, 3, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11, 14, 17, 18, 20, 21, 24, 27, 29, 30.

Love Horoscope for September 2018 Libra

Cupid is already tired of flying for you everywhere and persuading, as soon as possible to look at the representatives of the stronger sex. From the side it may seem that you decided to consciously live out your years in proud solitude. In fact, deep down, the woman-Libra dreams of a worthy chosen one, she is simply afraid to open her heart to someone. You are haunted by the pain and frustration of past relationships and this only have to work daily. Remember that the fairy-tale prince will not fall on your head. To meet someone, you need to regularly go out into people. And while you are sitting in four walls, at least in social networks you can conduct active correspondence, discussing interesting topics. A further opportunity to diversify your leisure is a dating site, but this is already, as a last resort.

Enamored couples have not yet had time to go through all the stages of the candy-bouquet period, but have become inattentive and forgetful. Due to small misunderstandings, there may be differences in the pair, numerous quarrels and under threat your feelings will be towards each other. Libra needs to be more sociable and as open as possible with her loved one. If you constantly keep all the emotions and words in yourself, the other half just one day will throw you. And then again all in a circle, suffering and experience. Do you want it? Try to do everything possible to preserve these trembling feelings, of course, if a person is dear to you.

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Couples often began to linger at work, really, and, however, a lot of things have accumulated? The Libra woman will begin to suspect her husband of treason, and even a detective investigation will start to find out everything. In the second half of September you will manage to settle all the problems and again plunge into the atmosphere of peace and harmony. On September 9, on the day of the new moon, it is not recommended to arrange any romantic surprises for your chosen one, you risk getting under a hot hand.

Horoscope of Finance for September 2018 Libra

You are already at the head of a good account, continue in the same spirit. The first decade of the month will be incredibly successful for you, the Libra woman will make a dizzying take-off, and Luck will definitely be on your side. The stars prophesy to the born under this sign of the zodiac amazing accomplishments. You just have to learn to read the signs of Destiny and try not to be lazy. Workaholics will receive a deserved rise and a bonus in September 2018. This should be encouragement, besides, the boss will necessarily talk with you about future prospects and praise for achievements. Be ready for competition, in the team there are necessarily a few people who will be ready to do everything possible to get the coveted position. The most important thing is not to go down to their level, you managed to pass this difficult path with honor and dignity, and you can safely continue in the same spirit. Play honestly and remorse will not torture you. This is quite logical and logical.

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On September 25, the day of the full moon, it is better not to appoint any business meetings, this period is unfavorable for the beginning of something new. If you are determined to make a major purchase this month, you should turn to real professionals for help. The documents should be in perfect order, better let the lawyer make sure that everything was formalized correctly. A good month for interesting projects and buying real estate. Thanks to the efforts of the woman, Libra managed to accumulate a considerable sum of money, and now you can skillfully dispose of it. It is better not to try to save and not consider as partners of dubious people. As a result, you can lose not only money, but also your peace of mind. Let everything go its course, you have nowhere to hurry. It is necessary to try yourself in a new business, not only to enjoy the process, but also to earn extra money. Any hobby can turn into a stable source of earnings.

Horoscope of health for September 2018 Libra

The first autumn month can award unpleasant infectious diseases on vacation or on the road. It is necessary to be very careful, to observe all the rules of hygiene. Do you spend so much time with your close people, is not it time to get out into nature? A wonderful tradition – at least once a week to go all together for a walk. Forget at least a day about mobile phones, a computer and a tablet. Just relax, breathe fresh air and gain strength for further productive work in the office. A favorite sport called “mattress surfing” is no longer in vogue, it’s time to sign up for the gym. And let you feel a little uncomfortable among the sporty and smart people, but will have something to strive for. The main thing is to find the coveted stimulus and set a goal. If you manage to cope at first with this task, then you will precisely overcome any obstacle.

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The correct diet is for healthy and self-assured individuals, the diet should contain as many fruits and vegetables as possible containing useful vitamins and trace elements. If often insomnia began to suffer, it is better not to use any pills. No matter how attractive advertising is, try not to react to it. If at the end of the day you still have vital energy and strength, then it is worthwhile to find use for them. You can make an appointment for dancing and walk in the evenings, or you can just take a hot bath with aromatic oils and read your favorite book.

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