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Horoscope for September 2018 Sagittarius

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Horoscope for September 2018 Sagittarius

Favorable days in September 2018 for Streltsy: 1, 3, 5, 7, 10, 11, 13, 16, 19, 20, 21, 24, 27, 29.30.

Love Horoscope for September 2018 Sagittarius

Yellow Dog as a mistress of the year advises you to go in search of your love. Cupid offers as often as possible to gather with friends and visit night clubs, restaurants and cafes. Lonely young ladies will have an opportunity to spend their time wonderfully while it’s too early to talk about serious relationships. Look closely at a man, for an ideal appearance, usually there are many shortcomings. The Sagittarius woman is inclined to consider the future elect from the side of the type, hobbies and financial situation. But what about the rich inner world and human qualities? With the interlocutor should be interesting, talk on different topics, such is the nature of this sign of the zodiac. Gradually, the ideal image of a man disappears, and pink glasses have to be put on the shelf next to your favorite book. Those born under this sign of the zodiac tend to look for shortcomings in themselves, who is to blame for not being able to build a normal relationship? The answer to this question will be obvious, at least to you only.

Lonely Sagittarius should pay attention to the male friends who have been so faithfully supporting you for more than a year. Friendship between the representatives of opposite sexes is a rare phenomenon, so for sure the handsome man feels tender and affectionate feelings towards you.

In love couples enjoy each other, Sagittarius tries to press on the chosen one to hear the cherished word “love”. Remember that not every man can say it out loud, some prefer to act: show caring, tenderness and do everything for his chosen one. Appreciate what you have at the moment.

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Couples continue to find out the relationship and scandal, you just got bored in marriage and you need to somehow warm up the relationship. Go together for massage, in the spa, in the pool – anywhere, just to be alone. Life and children do not allow you to devote a lot of time to each other, it’s time to rebuild your work schedule and plan ahead in advance. Only September 9 on the day of the new moon is not recommended to arrange family gatherings, risk quarreling with close people.

Horoscope of Finance for September 2018 Sagittarius

A month will be fruitful for new projects, which you will begin to implement gradually in the next month, that is, in October. Try to take seriously to responsible tasks on the part of management. After the season of vacations, colleagues only come to their senses and begin to gradually become involved in the work process. And you are already on all sails rushing to the long-awaited increase. The Sagittarius woman dreams of becoming a business lady who will build her little empire and achieve everything herself. Do not refuse help, if relatives and friends offer financial assistance or have connections – agree.

So much faster it will be possible to climb the social ladder, besides useful acquaintances in any case should be for every person. For Sagittarius is not a problem to use someone for their own purposes, why not? Then you will help a person in difficult times, the main thing is not to drop your hands at the most crucial moment. You are afraid to start something new, and time goes away irrevocably. So you can live up to one salary before retirement and complain that you can not do anything.

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Yellow Dog is ready to help you in self-actualization, it will necessarily direct in the right direction. You can start by working on weekends, if you need seed money. Use your strengths, open up the potential gradually and very soon you will be able to become a versatile person. It’s much easier to lie on the couch and do nothing, comforting yourself that life is so beautiful. Sagittarius is a person of mood, these impulses of impulses are capable of plunging others into shock. For a day, the mood can change a hundred times, and if you do not want to break on your loved ones, it’s better to keep your emotions under control. September 25 in the new moon is not recommended to arrange business meetings, risking a deal that will bring material losses.

Horoscope of health for September 2018 Sagittarius

What happened to you? Suddenly, they began to wake up early to run in the park and do exercises. The Sagittarius woman strives to look good at any age, so she loves herself and in every possible way spoils. Cosmetic procedures, massage, aromatherapy and swimming pool are far from being the whole list of activities that will definitely raise your spirits. Confidently comprehend new peaks, all sorts of master classes will help to learn a lot of interesting things. You do not have enough motivation, where to look for it? Certainly not in social networks, which you devote all your free time.

How much can you sit Vkontakte and correspond with friends online? It is better to meet in person and spend time unforgettably. Sagittarians need to learn how to properly allocate their time, with this you have just colossal problems. Why? You can not force yourself to get up from the couch on a day off to pour a cup of aromatic coffee and read a book. One priority should be replaced by others. Running in the morning is great, now it’s worth working on a list of what you should do every day. You feel sorry for yourself, so there is a lot of unused energy, which can be safely directed to the right track.

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It is worth going to a routine examination with a doctor, the cardiovascular system may fail at any time. In addition, your active time on the expanses of social networks did not go unnoticed, your vision dropped and your back aches. If you continue this way, you will soon become like an old tree. Before going to bed, you must walk for at least 30 minutes, replace fatty and fried foods with healthy foods. In all the regularity is important, if you control your impulses to eat something harmful or to drink soda – remember the extra pounds. A few hamburgers and cheeseburgers and here they are long-awaited flanks and a sagging belly. It is not very pleasant to watch such changes, looking in the mirror.

In September, you should change the colors of your usual wardrobe. How about blue, red, green and purple? Saturated, bright colors will perfectly blend in with your mood and will always look impressive. The Sagittarius woman casts confident glances from side to side, she obviously has conceived something interesting. The opinion of others should not play a special role for you, how much can you rely on it? People will always discuss behind their backs, such is human nature.

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