Dog Horoscope 2018 General The year of the Dog would be a better year for Dog natives than the previous years. There would be better focus in life. You know what you want to achieve in life and the ways and the means to achieve the same. Most of the Dog people would be quite ambitious as this happens to be your native year. A successful period ahead is forecast. Career During

Snake Horoscope 2018 General During this year of the Dog, you will feel freer than you have in the past years. You will have more time to do the things that you love this year. You might even feel a little more spontaneous and impulsive. You are likely to try many new things as well. A generally favorable period for the Snake natives though. Career The career life of

Horse Horoscope 2018 General The year of the Dog would be quite happy and resourceful for Horse natives. Love what you do and there is no limit to the success you can achieve through the year ahead. This is one of the happiest period around for Horse natives. Do not be a couch potato, keep moving, keep working and success is yours for the asking during the year. Take

Monkey Horoscope 2018 General The year of the Dog would be quite an intense and busy period for Monkey natives. Your perception and intuition would be just great to guide you through the year 2018. Monkey people would be blessed with good mental skills this period that would take them to great heights in life. The energy levels would also be at their best. Emotions rule

Sheep Horoscope 2018 General The year of the Dog would bring about many meaningful changes in the life of Sheep natives. Most of the changes would be centred around you and not external influences. Your intuition and sense of perception would increase a lot this period. Make the right choices in life. A confident and satisfactory period awaits the Sheep natives. Career The

Tiger Horoscope 2018 General In this year of the Dog, there would be many new things happening in your life. Take that in a positive sense and keep moving. Opportunities knock on your door only once though. Take good care of yourself, do not sacrifice yourself for the well-being of others around. Embrace happiness, learn to give and share, the rest will be added unto

Rooster Horoscope 2018 General This year of the Dog would prove a little troublesome and worried for the Rooster natives. Lots of confusions and turbulences are in for you. There would be troubles from almost all quarters of your life. And you need to make some hard decisions as well through the year. Much commitment and sincere attention to details would get you through

Pig Horoscope 2018 General The year of the Dog would be quite a comfortable and stable period for Pig natives. Through the year your sense of confidence in life increases and you would be able to grow productively. Impulsiveness is also on the cards, but beware of serious mishaps en-route. Also try to acclimatize major changes that are likely in your path through the

Rabbit Horoscope 2018 General There would be major changes in the life of Rabbit natives for the Chinese year of the Dog. If you would take them in your stride then success is yours, else you are in for deep trouble through the year. Go with the flow, pick up the threads and keep moving. Do what you are passionate and ambitious about in life. And the year would bless

2018 Dragon Horoscope General Year 2018, the year of the Dog seems to be a very impulsive period for Dragon natives. This would help you to rise high in life but then it also has its negativity around it. Ample opportunities are abound around you, but then it is up to you to make use of this for your personal gains. A good period to improve yourself in personal and professional