The magic number of your birth Date of birth and weddings, passport number, home, car, telephone … Numbers surround us everywhere. And that’s fine, because they allow you to predict the course of events and prevent possible losses. Start your way into the amazing science of numerology with the definition of the magic number of your birth. Knowing it, it’s

Difference in age – how does the relationship The difference in age will help to calculate with whom to build love, and with whom – friendship, whom you can trust, and from whom you should stay away. So the astrologers of Ancient Egypt thought, by observing the connection between numerology and the planets influencing our life. According to their calculations,

What it means to see the same numbers According to experts of numerology, figures can tell about a person, about his character and even about the future. Look closely, perhaps the same number is following you, which signals the approach of changes in your life. Let’s try to figure out what fate is preparing for you? Round and triangular digits Numerologists distinguish

Numerology of attracting money “In terms of income and expenditure,” some claim. “By expenditure and income!” – Others disagree. Numerologists in this matter are unanimous: to earn money and spend it – two different talents, and only having both of them allows you to reach financial heights. What is the best amount to present as a

How to identify an energetic vampire In each of us, a certain level of vital energy has been laid down from birth. Measuring it, you can find the key to harmonious communication with the world. You probably noticed that some people have energy overflowing, and they are ready to share it with joy with the whole world, while the other vital forces, on the contrary, do

How to choose a lucky month using numerology About how favorable the month will be for a wedding, a change of work, travel or some other important matter is usually learned from horoscopes. But you can not wait for the next forecast, and independently with the help of numerology calculate your chances of success! Determine which month of the year will be successful,

Numerology of money – what numbers bring luck How much to lend, when to take a loan – everything that is expressed in figures, is important in money matters. Simple rules for dealing with money, which is suggested by numerology: first, keep money only by bundles with an even number of banknotes. Secondly, try to spend old banknotes as quickly as possible,

Bad karma: how to calculate and how to fix it We all know the proverb: “What you sow, you’ll reap.” This is karma, the law of cause and effect. Find out what kind of karma you have, what debts are dragging you from past incarnations, numerology will help. You are always unlucky or do not have enough money, health is worse, friends are betrayed, loved

Energy Vampires: How to Recognize them Vital energy is very important for every person so that he can resist problems every day and solve daily tasks. However, some such energy is simply overcrowded and ready to share it with everyone, while others on the contrary – are fueled by life force, taking it from others. At the same time, they try to pour out all their

Karmic laws of love Love is the main test that the human soul goes through. Someone falls in love at first sight and finds happiness. Others overcome a series of karmic barriers and can not immediately understand and accept their mate. As a rule, it depends on the person with whom you tied your destiny: it can turn out to be your harmonious second half, a kinship or