Numerology of compatibility by date of birth and day of acquaintance How to determine your compatibility with a partner by the date of birth? It is worth turning to the ancient science of numbers – numerology. First of all, we need to consider all the figures of the date of birth of a man and a woman: the number, month and year of birth. It is necessary to add

Number of your entity The fact that the key to the mysteries of the universe is in numbers, even the ancient Egyptians, whose wisdom embodied in the teachings of the ancient Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras, knew. He considered the most important and the most perfect 4 numbers: one, two, three and four. After all, they determine the rhythm and meaning of

Numbers attracting money Numbers are our faithful helpers. If you know how to use them, you can bring material well-being into your life. Each number has its own energy charge, on which its ability to attract luck in various spheres, including financial ones, depends. What number should I bet on, so that money never leaves your wallet? Your monetary number The first

How to find and fix your shortcomings with the help of numerology Numerology can tell us everything, even what other people see us. Look at yourself from the side – and correct your shortcomings! Habits, deeds, manner of speaking and holding … All these characteristics of a person are external. They are not congenital, but are conditioned by the upbringing

Numerology of the phone: what number will bring you luck Each number energetically affects both ourselves and everything that happens to us. In particular, the telephone number. Check if it spoils your life. To find out what power is carried by your phone number, add up all the numbers included in it. As an example let’s make a calculation! for the number 8 (910)

Numerology of apartment and house: what address will bring luck The number of the house and apartment is not just a figure, but the code of your destiny, which can be deciphered with the help of numerology. Human life largely depends on numbers and their manifestations. Passport series, date and year of birth, weddings, car number – all these figures have appeared

Coincidence of numbers on the clock – the values ​​of combinations Often it happens that we look at the clock and notice the coincidence of numbers, for example, 06:06, 11:11, 12:12 and so on. Someone sees in this some kind of warning, a mystical meaning and a secret meaning, but someone considers it a banal accident and does not attach special importance to

Number of the problem: how to calculate and determine There is such a saying: you should know where you fall, straws would have podstelil. Thanks to numerology, this can be done! Passing through life, each of us must learn from the past certain lessons. This is the meaning of existence: learn, draw conclusions, improve – and gradually rise to new levels of being.

Numerology of the passport A passport is not just a piece of paper. The vibrations of his number have a direct impact on our life. Calculate the code of your passport. To do this, all the generators of the number must be added together. For example, the passport number: 334455. 43 01 find the sum: 4 + 3 + 0 + 1 + 3 + 3 + 4 + + 4 + 5 + 5 = 32. We turn to single 3 + 2

How to use the energy of numbers Numbers surround us everywhere, but we do not pay much attention to them. And in vain: each of them has its own vibration, which can be used for its own purposes. Many people confuse the concepts of “number” and “figure”. In fact, the numbers are just graphic images of numbers, each of which sends its energy signal