Numerology of the floor Numbers have a powerful energy, and therefore invisibly affect our psychological state. Even the floor on which we live or work is important. If the floor has a two-digit number, fold it to a single-digit number, adding up the numbers included in it. For example, for the 12th floor: 1 + 2 = 3. First. It awakens ambition, determination, the desire

Numerology in a dream: what are the numbers in dreams Dreams have a special, sacred meaning. During sleep, a person’s consciousness goes into a state of calm and rest, and the subconscious is replaced by him. The subconscious is connected with the divine energies, the forces of the cosmos, it contains knowledge about the past, the present and even the future. Sleep

Proper nutrition by birth date Metabolism depends on the date of human appearance. If you choose products with the help of numerology, health will be more robust. The right choice of food will help improve well-being, increase energy potential and normalize the psychoemotional state. It is not necessary to strictly follow the list of recommended products – it is

Numerology of phone number Nowadays there is no mobile phone except for newborn babies. A mobile phone is a thing of purely personal use. In addition to the means of communication, he replaces us with a notebook, a game console, a radio, a music center. In addition, the mobile phone is also a “window” on the Internet. From the point of view of numerology,

Numerology compatibility by date of birth: love and friendship According to experts, the Number of Destiny “given out” to each of us at birth, carries in itself information about temperament, ability to show emotions, other characteristics of a person – and therefore can quite tell about our compatibility with other people. Calculate the number of fate

Number of your home: value in numerology Does the fate of the house depend on the number of the house in which the person lives? If the personal date – the date of birth – is given to us from above, then another important number, on which our life largely depends, we choose ourselves and can change if desired. This is the number of our house. Numerologists

Numerology of vacation: how to choose a favorable time Planning a vacation is always connected with feelings and doubts, namely, where and, most importantly, when is it best to go on a trip? We calculate the date of the trip A unequivocal answer to these questions is unlikely to be obtained. Therefore, it is worthwhile to consider all the options for the vacation and

Characteristic of number 2 in numerology Number 2 underlies all oppositions: day and night, ice and flame, heaven and earth, strength and weakness. Therefore, this figure has a unique ability to unite opposites, allowing a person to understand the essence of what is happening and to learn to appreciate life in all its diversity. How to determine which numbers have the

“Devil’s Dozen” – the mystery of the number “13” The one name of the “Devil’s Dozen” depicts an unclean force in the imagination that leads fear to many people who do not always recognize mysticism as such. In Christianity, it symbolizes betrayal, where 13 people were present at the Last Supper, one of which was Judas,

“Gastronomic” numerology Date of birth determines not only the nature and fate of a person, but also many other aspects of life, for example, gastronomic. The fact is that products that correspond to the number of human beings, have a more effective and beneficial effect on the body, in contrast to other foods, enhance health and can even contribute to personal