Number “6” in numerology In numerology, the six is ​​a symbol of harmony and perfection. This is an ideal number, which is divided into even 2, and odd 3, that is, personifies both male and female beginnings. Still Pythagoras noted the surprising property of this figure: the sum of the prime numbers making up the six (1 + 2 + 3), and the product of these

Magic numbers in financial documents The power of magic numbers has a huge impact on any cash flows – including non-cash ones. But in order to attract money, one must learn to use this force in practice. The amount of money On financial documents, usually a lot of figures – bank details of the sender and the recipient, passport data, legal addresses, etc.

Learn your money and become rich In the name and date of birth of any person, information about his life is encoded. After all, each of us comes to Earth at a certain moment and chooses his “own” fate is not accidental. But, unfortunately, people do not have a crib that would tell what exactly is encrypted in their names and birth dates. Specialists in the

How do you know if you have magical abilities? In each of us, at birth, amazing opportunities have been laid that can not be explained by laws known to science. And what magical talents do you possess? How to calculate You will need a complete date of birth – day, month and year. Put together all the single-valued numbers from which it consists. If the total is

Even and odd numbers: what they mean in numerology The mysterious influence of the numbers that surround us has been known since ancient times. Each figure has its own special meaning and its effect. And the division of numbers into even and odd is very important for determining our future destiny. Even and odd In numerology (the science of the connection of numbers

Numerological forecast for 2018 From the point of view of numerology, the upcoming 2018th is the year not only for the Yellow Dog, but for the number 2 – this is the numerological significance of this period. From the point of view of numerology, this figure is a symbol of creativity, creativity, innovation, confident advance on the rails laid earlier. What awaits