How Do We Chart Missing Rivers? Ask Fish! #science #scishow #geography #newzealand

How can you find where a river was after it's gone? Turns out, the answer might be in the aquatic citizens it left behind! Hosted by: Niba Audrey Nirmal (she/her) Elisa Bonnin : Writer
Courtney Tern : Fact Checker
Amy Peterson: Script Editor
Bill Mead: Editor
Mackenna Goodrich: Associate Producer
Aimee Roberts: Art Director
Daniel Comiskey: Editorial Director
Savannah Geary: Producer
Nicole Sweeney: Executive Producer
Hank Green: Executive Producer Sources: In New Zealand, Fish Are Helping Scientists Find Gold – Eos Genes meet geology: fish phylogeographic pattern reflects ancient, rather than modern, drainage connections
Speciation Miocene-Holocene river drainage evolution in Southland, New Zealand, deduced from fish genetics, detrital gold and geology IMAGES,_Galaxias_vulgaris.jpg

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