Hyundai Staria Is The Cool Minivan America Needs
95389 Hyundai Staria Is The Cool Minivan America Needs

Hyundai Staria Is The Cool Minivan America Needs

Less than a month ago, Hyundai unveiled its all-new Staria minivan, a somewhat odd but still extremely cool-looking MPV/crossover alternative we had a feeling won’t be coming to the US. We were right, unfortunately.

The South Korean automaker has just confirmed that assumption along with revealing the technical details we previously lacked. Offered in 2- to 11-passenger configurations and two trim levels, the Staria is a big vehicle measuring 206.8 inches long and 78.6-inches wide, with a huge 146.5-inch wheelbase and a height of 78.3 inches.

To compare, the new Kia Carnival is 201.38 inches long, 78.15-inches wide, 69.09 inches tall, and has a 120.47-inch wheelbase. In 2- or 3-passenger configuration, which should be popular with delivery businesses, the Staria has nearly 177 cubic feet of cargo space. The Carnival? A maximum of 145.1 cu. ft. Hyundai says it modified the commercial van version to accommodate three Euro pallets at once.

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