Hyundai Wants To Power Everything With Hydrogen
96169 Hyundai Wants To Power Everything With Hydrogen

Hyundai Wants To Power Everything With Hydrogen

Though there are still some issues with hydrogen, it’s expected to account for 18 percent of global energy demand by 2050, with a market size in the trillions, according to the Hydrogen Council. It could also cut six billion tons of CO2 out of the atmosphere. Hyundai says hydrogen fuel cells will be comparable to EVs by 2030, which are expected to catch up to ICE vehicles by 2025.

To take advantage of the fuel, Hyundai created the Trailer Drone concept. The Trailer Drone is like the cargo box on a semitruck, but its walls and floor are filled with hydrogen tanks. It keeps the same load floor as a standard box, but is modular in length.

Those Trailer Drones work together with e-Bogie, which is a two-axle, four-wheel steering, autonomous fuel-cell transporter that rolls underneath the Trailer Drones, picks them up and transports them, using the hydrogen stored in the trailer. The term bogie comes from the wheeled rail cars that transport cargo boxes by train.

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