Infiniti’s Best-Seller Stops Production At Worst Time
95598 Infiniti's Best-Seller Stops Production At Worst Time

Infiniti’s Best-Seller Stops Production At Worst Time

But without those chips, neither can complete final assembly. Therefore, Infiniti has no choice but to divide its existing chip supply between these three all-important vehicles for the time being. It’s still going to be several more months until chip manufacturers begin delivering sufficient and regular supplies to automakers again, so until then struggling Infiniti and its dealers will have to hang on. Most new examples of the previous-gen QX60 have sold out across the country, meaning dealers will have at least a four-month gap until the redesigned model arrives.

Many dealers have therefore been forced to rely mainly on selling pre-owned vehicles for profits. This strategy works for the time being but it certainly won’t in the months ahead.

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