61025 Interesting signs about food and feast

Interesting signs about food and feast

Interesting signs about food and feast

For many centuries, our ancestors were closely watched, even for minor events that occurred after a drinking feast. Whether it’s a spoon that has fallen to the floor, runaway milk or cracked bread. No single day in the life of any person goes without food. And people often take part in the feast. However, many do not pay attention to the little things that can help to predict the future and even protect against problems.

12 will take about food

  • Do not eat while passing under an arch or staircase. They say that in this case a demon can take over you.
  • You can not eat while in total darkness, otherwise your children may become robbers and thieves in the future.
  • In order not to feel the need for life, never throw away the remains of bakery products. Better feed them to the birds.
  • You can not eat pea porridge on an empty stomach, otherwise you can become an eye-catcher.
  • In the process of reading or memorizing, the material does not need to be eaten. From this, memory deteriorates and “information” gets stuck.
  • In order not to be struck by lightning, one should sometimes eat a stale of hard rye bread.
  • If the cooked porridge has got out of the pot (pans), pay attention to which side. If in the direction of exit, be a trouble, if in any other – there is a profit.
  • You can not eat pork on the new moon. This heralds obesity.
  • To be happy, you need before eating and immediately after it to eat a small slice of white bread sprinkled with salt.
  • If, during the use of an apple, it suddenly slips out of your hands and falls to the floor, it means that you will be invited to a love meeting.
  • Begin eating fish from the tail or from the middle. If you start eating it from your head, you can call problems on your head.
  • Women of childbearing age can not eat any berries before the holiday of Ivan Kupala. Otherwise, they can have dead children.
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12 drinking receptions

  • Never give or take salt from hand to hand. You can quarrel with this person.
  • To drink to others is to take on others’ sins.
  • If tea spills on the table, wait for pleasant news.
  • If someone accidentally spills wine on the table, you need to replace the tablecloth immediately. If the table is without a tablecloth, wipe the countertop dry. Wine represents the blood of Christ. Therefore, who spills wine, he will shed other people’s blood.
  • Never say a toast to luck or luck. It is believed that fortune does not like those who drink it.
  • One must spill alcoholic beverages by glasses throughout the holiday. If you “change your hand,” all drinkers get drunk quickly, and they may feel worse.
  • To continue to stay with people to whom you came to visit, on good terms, always say the first toast for the meeting.
  • The financial situation may be shaken up if there are open bottles with alcoholic beverages on the table. It must be ensured that they are covered with lids or stoppers.
  • A family scandal may occur because someone from the household has a habit of tapping cutlery on the edge of the dishes.
  • If you are invited to visit a person whose deceased relative is your namesake, before you start eating and drinking alcohol, you need to cross your mouth three times.
  • After the departure of all guests, the tablecloth with which the table was made is to be carefully erased.
  • You can not change glasses with someone during the feast. In this way you can transfer your happiness to another person.
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Of course, it was too superstitious, it’s not worth it. But to pay attention to the seemingly insignificant events that are associated with food and festive feasts, no one will interfere.

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