‘Jack Goes Home’ Review

‘Jack Goes Home’ Review

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Actor Thomas Dekker takes a temporary break from life in front of the camera to head behind the lens with new film Jack Goes Home. Taking on the dual tasks of writer and director in Jack Goes Home, Dekker has crafted a tight psychological thriller.

The story concerns Jack (Rory Culkin), who travels home after the death of his father to look after his sick mother (Lin Shaye). It’s been a long time since Jack has been home, and whilst mourning his father he stumbles across a family secret that will change not only his life, but his very being, forever.

Thematically Jack Goes Home is dark and intense. The colour palette is suitably shadowy, highlighting those things that are kept hidden away, out of sight. Truly terrible deeds have been committed within Jack’s past, Dekker handling them astutely, ensuring that these travesties pack a punch. As events spiral deeper into the black hole that is Jack’s family history, there are moments that you don’t want to watch; yet the viewer is oddly compelled to continue consume the story.

Jack Goes Home features a stellar cast of actors, most of whom Dekker shares a past with. Along with Culkin and Shaye, the line-up includes Britt RoberstonDaveigh ChaseNikki ReedLouis Hunter and Natasha Lyonne. Everybody turns in fantastic performances, but it’s Lin Shaye who really steals this. The Insidious actor commands attention in every scene that she’s in, her character forever shifting from meek mouse to mighty monster.


Dekker has always been a talented actor, and with Jack Goes Home he effortlessly showcases that he has so much more to offer. His voice sings through brightly. He has an important and interesting story to tell and keeps the audience captive the entire duration.

If we’re being picky, for pacing purposes, there are a couple of outer characters that could potentially be cut. Their removal not likely to affect the main plot too much. However, some of these scenes offer moments of lightness which is appreciated.

A tight and twirling thriller, Jack Goes Home is a head-trip from the get go. An original and intriguing film that offers a unique perspective on the idea of self, the movie presenting an odd mid-life crisis at twenty-something.

Jack Goes Home hits US cinemas and VOD on Friday, October 14th, from Momentum Pictures.

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