83925 Jaguar Land Rover May Have Turned A Corner

Jaguar Land Rover May Have Turned A Corner

Sales figures released by the automaker show that Jaguar Land Rover’s total December 2019 sales in the US market reached 13,801 units, down slightly from the same month in 2018. For the full calendar year, however, Jaguar Land Rover sold 125,787 units in the US, a three percent increase over the previous record of 122,626 units in 2018. This represents a new all-time US sales record for Jaguar Land Rover.

Jaguar ended the year selling 3,311 vehicles in December, which is slightly down compared to 3,462 vehicles sold the same time a year ago. The Jaguar F-Pace SUV continues to be the automaker’s most popular model with 2,018 units sold, while the Jaguar I-Pace and E-Pace sold 176 and 624 units respectively. No sales figures were released for the Jaguar F-Type, but the recent 2021 model-year facelift should help give the flagship sports car a sales boost. The Jaguar E-Pace also enjoyed a record sales year with 4,782 units sold in 2019. For the full year, Jaguar sales in the U.S. were 31,051, up two percent from 30,483 in 2018.

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