Joe Jonas ‘Loves’ Independent GF Sophie Turner & Here’s Why You Should Too

Joe Jonas ‘Loves’ Independent GF Sophie Turner & Here’s Why You Should Too

It looks like Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner may have dropped the ‘L’ word! Joe ‘loves’ the actress so much because she pays her own way in their relationship, according to a new report, Dec. 16! The fact that Sophie is SO independent drives him wild. See why YOU should take after Sophie’s go-getter attitude!

Love is in the air! Joe Jonas, 27, and Sophie Turner, 20, seem to be getting super serious! The low key couple are reportedly dating “exclusively” now. Adding to their seemingly perfect romance, is a new report claiming Joe is “smitten” with Sophie so much that he’s apparently “telling his friends that there’s something different with her, and he knew it as soon as they met!”, according to the New York Post, Dec. 16. This is due to Sophie’s independence in their relationship, which I applaud!

“She has her own money,” a source told the post, and that’s why Joe is apparently so lovestruck. “He loves her because she won’t let him pay for her all the time, which is so rare in girls he meets.” Ladies, there’s a lesson to be learned here — It’s OK to be the “Independent” woman Destiny’s Child wanted you to be! How good was that song, by the way? Anyway, I’m obsessed with Sophie’s strong, go-getter personality, and you should be too!

Times have changed, people! Women are just as important as men when it comes to the work world, relationships and just about everything else. It’s so important to establish equality when it comes to romances and relationships, because although being a gentleman is essential, respecting a woman’s ability to stand on her own two feet is also crucial. And I have to say, it sounds like Joe and Sophie are the perfect example of relationship equality!

Sophie’s really put her independent foot down when it comes to Joe showering her with gifts, as reported by the site. “She insists on paying her own way for flights when he asks her to come see him and offers to pay,” the source said. This is amazing! And, get this — Joe is apparently ready to retire his bachelor boy ways, and “settle down” with the actress, according to a separate report from People! Now, THAT is a big deal.

Maybe Joe is ready for the long haul with Sophie because she’s the first girl (in his reported opinion) who’s really established to him that SHE is her own successful person outside of their adorable romance. Now, before anyone jumps to conclusions, I’m not saying that any of Joe’s exes, like Demi Lovato, 24, or Taylor Swift, 27, aren’t self-assured women. I’m simply hinting that maybe Joe just sees this in Sophie out of all people, among the other qualities he adores about her. And, let’s be serious, we all know Demi and Tay are the poster children for girl power.

Sophie Turner — See Pics Of The Stunning Actress

However, this isn’t about them; It’s about our Game Of Thrones beauty, Sophie. And, did I forget to tell you that Joe think’s his actress girlfriend is “so smart and sexy,” the Post says. Uh huh — that’s another important reason I’m totally in her corner. Intelligence is a valued and sometimes rare trait, so FLAUNT those beautiful brains ladies! Confidence is also key, and it’s no secret that Sophie beams with poise.

So, I really hope you leave my thoughts with a new powerful attitude toward yourself. As a woman, it’s not selfish to want it all — success, work, love, equality within a relationship, and… a great shoe collection. Come on, you know it’s true. You can have it all ladies, and nothing is out of reach. Just look at Sophie — the blonde beauty has a budding acting career, total independence and love that bares no restriction on which partner has the upper hand or power. Remember: brains, confidence, kindness, and independence are more than ok!

HollywoodLifers, do you think being an equal partner in a relationship is vital to staying to together? Tell us below!

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