84699 Lister's Next Hypercar Will Be Electric

Lister’s Next Hypercar Will Be Electric

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It’s a new decade, and England’s Lister Motor Company still has yet to make its Storm II hypercar a reality. The long-awaited successor to the original Jaguar-powered Lister Storm of the early 1990s, the Storm II was rumored to be powered by a supercharged, 7.8L V12 also sourced from Jaguar, pumping out somewhere in the neighborhood of 1,000 horsepower.

Now, it seems as though those plans are definitively out, and Lister Motor Company is instead working on an electric powertrain for its next low-volume hypercar. The company took to Twitter this month to publish a side-on sketch of the Lister Storm II with the title “Lister EV super car research” and a cryptic caption reading only “A Storm is coming…”

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