‘Llorona’ Lucrative On Thursday Night With $2.75M In Previews
77875 ‘Llorona’ Lucrative On Thursday Night With $2.75M In Previews

‘Llorona’ Lucrative On Thursday Night With $2.75M In Previews

Before Avengers: Endgame snatches away the under 25 demo next weekend, Warner Bros. is looking to hook them over the Easter weekend with New Line’s James Wan produced horror pic The Curse of La Lloronawhich made $2.75M last night from previews that started at 6PM.

That figure is slightly higher than the $2.3M that Paramount’s Pet Sematary posted in previews two weeks ago, as well as Escape Room‘s $2.3M Thursday night back on Jan. 3 and the Wan produced 2016 horror pic Lights Out ($1.8M). On the Thursday after Labor Day last year, The Nun previews rang up a record Thursday night for The Conjuring universe with $5.4M off 7PM showtimes.

Llorona is billed as being from The Conjuring producers Wan and The Nun EP and Annabelle scribe Gary Dauberman. It is not a part of that genre series universe. Warners is hoping those credits on the Llorona one sheet will draw fans of that franchise. Even though Annabelle priest Father Perez (Tony Amendola) makes a cameo here in Llorona, the pic is not part of The Conjuring series. Essentially anything that’s part of that horror universe specifically involves, or is connected to, paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren.

‘Shazam!’ Smashes $100M; Disney-Fox’s Faith-Based ‘Breakthrough’ Mints $1.7M Opening Day; ‘Penguins’ Near $500K – Wednesday B.O.

Tracking has Llorona opening between $15M-$17M, making a run at Shazam!‘s No. 1 two weekend streak. It wouldn’t come as a surprise if Llorona hits $20M-plus given Wan’s name on the pic and the fact that it’s Good Friday, a huge moviegoing day with 74% K-12 schools off and another 29% from colleges. As such most pics in the top 20 yesterday saw gains over Wednesday. Among Wan’s producer credits, he has only had one movie open to below $20M and that was Saw VI ($14.1M); everything else was north of $20M. In regards to Llorona‘s Thursday night comps, both Pet Sematary and Lights Out, continued on to posts 3-days that were north of $20M with $24.5M and $21.6M respectively. Also Monday boasts 37% K-12 off and 8% colleges on break, so there should be an extra B.O. cushion on Easter Sunday.

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Among regular releases yesterday, Shazam! led all titles with $2.55M, +33% from Wednesday for a two-week running total of $104M. The DC superhero ne Captain Marvel at one point in his history is expected to post a third weekend around $15M.

‘Llorona’ Lucrative On Thursday Night With $2.75M In Previews

‘Llorona’ Lucrative On Thursday Night With $2.75M In Previews

Disney’s Fox faith-based release Breakthrough held quite well in its second day earning $1.54M at 2,764 in the No. 2 spot, -18% for a running total since its Wednesday opening of $3.4M. The DeVon Franklin produced movie is pacing very close to the $3.55M two-day running total of his March 2016 faith-based titles Miracles From Heaven which made $18.3M in its first five days of release, $14.8M over Friday-Sunday. Breakthrough carries an estimated net production cost of $14M before P&A.

Disney’s Captain Marvel was No. 3 yesterday with an estimated $1.3M, +37% from Wednesday for a running total through six weeks of $390.9M.

Universal’s Little was fourth yesterday with an estimated $1.23M, +19% over Wednesday, for a first week total of $20.9M.

Disneynature’s Penguins fell outside Thursday’s top 10 in the No. 11 spot with $456K in its second day of release, -9% from Wednesday, for a running total of $956K at 1,815 theaters.

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