Lots Of Cadillac Blackwing Buyers Want Manuals
94240 Lots Of Cadillac Blackwing Buyers Want Manuals

Lots Of Cadillac Blackwing Buyers Want Manuals

Quite clearly, both Blackwings are targeted directly at enthusiast customers. Roma added that the Blackwing nameplate now represents everything Cadillac is capable of doing regarding high performance and track vehicles. Offering three pedals, despite the faster shifting optional 10-speed automatic, is proof that Cadillac understands the demands of its enthusiast drivers.

“Even though they’re not faster these days… There’s a very visceral connection with the car with a manual trans and [with] being that much more involved in the process of driving, and I think that fits the purpose of [what] these cars are,” Roma said. Cadillac appears extremely confident the manual will be a hit with Roma adding about a quarter of all previous V-Series vehicles available with a manual were sold with one.

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