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Lunar ritual to be lucky in love

Lunar ritual to be lucky in love

As you know, the 1st lunar day is the moment when you can make wishes, think and carry out futile planning. Therefore, to plan your relationship with the opposite sex, you can also use them.
If you are ripe for a serious relationship, want to create a family and meet on your way a loved one, then try not to miss this moment.

Sit down in a quiet environment, light a candle, close your eyes and imagine what you would like, how you see your man, whatever relationship you would like, ie. In detail with your imagination try to imagine your future life. But remember that everything should be in moderation. Imagine, think it over and let it go. Do not get stuck in a dream, otherwise nothing will happen in reality. Dreams should be clean, no violence. In the imagination there should not be any particular man. You can represent everything to the smallest detail, eye color, hair, height, position, condition, but nothing more. You can write everything down or even draw. The main thing is to create a strong thought-image. But the thought-image is clear, concrete, precise. Do not forget to introduce this man next to you.

Dreaming, try to drop all dreams with the end of the first lunar days, forget about them for a while, switch to another. In doing this, we, as it were, release our dream into freedom, allowing it to work independently, independently of us. In the 2nd lunar day, look attentively at people around you. It is on this day that we most acutely and subtly feel where our person is, and where not.
If you can not meet him the first time – do not be discouraged: very rarely it is possible so quickly. Therefore, be patient and believe in success.

People get acquainted more easily when the Moon is in Gemini and in Leo. Therefore, these days, try to visit people, communicate more. Throughout the first phase of the moon, return to your plan. This period of preparation for the future, so take your time with the actions.
On the 6th lunar day, mentally adjust to the person who is sympathetic to you, try to understand him, to feel his thoughts and feelings. Intuition is aggravated on this day, and you can very definitely feel what the prospects of your relationship are and how you need to behave in order to dreams are best realized. Maybe your intuition tells you that you have to wait patiently, and the relationship will eventually develop in a natural way; maybe you want to take the first step. On this day there is a chance to choose the only correct way of behavior. Then act according to your intuition. If you decide to take action, it’s best to choose the 21st lunar day: on this day we are brave to the point that we are capable of a feat, and we can do things that we feared and dreamed of before.

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But do not overdo it. No frontal attacks. Remember: when we meet really “our” person, a favorable situation for establishing relations with him develops itself. The task is to not miss this situation, in time to see the door that opens before us. If the door is tightly closed and we have to punch her head, you should know: the goal is not chosen correctly, and all attempts to achieve it are better to stop – they are obviously doomed to failure. With “his” man everything turns out easy – remember this rule. It is important not to miss the moment when you have to do one single step to meet.

If there was no such chance before the beginning of the fourth phase of the moon, then we should not look for it any more. You have to start all over again with the advent of the new moon. And while the moon is flawed, do nothing more: rest from both plans and actions.
If your efforts were successful and you found a happy love, the best time to start a serious relationship, as well as to marry – the 17th lunar day. We are full of vitality, internally free and liberated, more than ever, and love promises to be long and strong.

Do not despair if you do not succeed at once. We have all lived so long in disagreement with ourselves and with nature that it may take a long time to adjust ourselves to the rhythms of space. Happiness in your personal life will come when peace and harmony settle in the soul, when you learn to enjoy life simply for no reason, when you will get used to living in full harmony with your soul, discover your true nature and become yourself.

Only then, to you, as a magnet, your only one, intended only for you, will be attracted. So do not hurry. Learn by first using the rhythms of the moon to derive the formula of any day, any period of your life, and then the Moon will become for you a reliable compass in the vital ocean. She will teach to navigate in any fog, invariably lead to the islands of happiness and love.

What to do if you are in love, but there is no reciprocity?

Perhaps a man is married, and you do not shine, or a man is single, but you do not like him at all.
True love is always mutual. Unrequited love says that you are something that does not suit a man, which means that in his eyes are imperfect. Often unrequited love breaks down life, destiny …

Many of us find it difficult to understand this truth: there are so many beautiful novels, so many fascinating stories about unhappy unrequited love, and it’s so beautiful and romantic sometimes! No one argues, if you like to love unrequitedly – love. But it is better to give out the unspent love of the universe than to suffer from it and turn it into a self-destructive force. Such love is a problem.

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The laws of the universe are such that when two soul mates meet, two destined to each other, love flashes instantly in both of them. If this does not happen, you should not spend your energy trying to attract the love of an absolutely stranger, “not your” person. From unrequited love you need to get rid of, and the sooner, the better.

Everyone knows that love is a cure for love – another love. But sometimes unfortunate love fills the whole heart so much that for the other, true love, there is no place, the way to it overlaps. To find a new love, it is necessary to release in the heart a place occupied by the former. Sometimes it is not easy to do this.

Moon rituals from unrequited love

First of all, we must wait for 8 lunar days. This is the day of repentance and purification. Its symbol is Flame. There is a chance to burn, as in a fire, its past – including oppressing unrequited love. The eighth lunar day is the most suitable day for parting with unnecessary relationships, relationships, unrequited love and lay the foundation for new relationships, new affairs, new love. So if you have planned a parting – do not pull, do not postpone more. This day is the best.

There are different rituals that allow us to weaken dependence on the relations that have become destructive.
Particularly effective is the following. It is necessary to prepare in advance a piece of yarn or thin rope, thread. In the morning take a shower or bath, it’s good, if it will be with sea salt – it will have an additional cleansing effect. Leaving the bathroom, light the candle, sit in front of her, relax and imagine yourself and His standing opposite each other.

Look: you are connected to each other by a multitude of threads, ropes and even ropes. The more such bundles you see, the stronger and stronger the dependence. And now start to get rid of these threads, burn them with imaginary fire! See how you are freed from the bonds that bind your hands and feet.

If the ropes wrap around your body – you can stand up and shake yourself, as if unwinding them. See: they fall to the floor, and you become more and more free. Then mentally set fire to the bonds that fell to the ground, let them disappear in the cleansing flame. When you open your eyes – burn in a candle flame a previously prepared piece of yarn or thread, representing that it is burning rope, which deprived you of freedom and joy.
Look at the fire: your past burns out, your lost love, it leaves you forever, opening the door to a happy future. Maybe emotions, memories, will overwhelm you – do not hold back, cry, grieve, remember, laugh – openly show all the feelings that will overwhelm you.

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Then rinse the ashes with running water, and for a while look at the flame of the candle, feeling how the emptiness formed in the soul is filled with light, joy, love – but not to your former lover, but to life, to the whole universe, to yourself. On the eighth lunar day, you have a chance to free yourself from the pain of unrequited love.
After the ritual, you will feel much better. But if in your soul there are still echoes of past suffering, repeat again on the next eighth lunar day.

The problem of most women is that they did not teach us how to love ourselves.
Moreover, it was believed that to love yourself is a shame. This is a huge mistake! After not having learned to love ourselves, we are doomed to bad luck in love. Suffering from unrequited love is very often due to the fact that we begin to love someone more than ourselves, to extol it too highly, and at the same time we often seem not ideal enough, unworthy of our ideal. Therefore, to be lucky in love, learn to love yourself.

Every morning, waking up and not opening my eyes, sweetly stretch, and then slowly and calmly we say to ourselves: “I am a young, intelligent and beautiful woman.” I love and accept myself as I am. I deserve great love and respect, and that means , I am loved and respected by all people around me. ”

To attract real love to yourself, you should change your life as much as possible – start with the new moon. Change the appearance of hair, hair color, make-up, style in clothes. Sit on a diet, lose weight if it is, or, conversely, get better a little, if you have excessively lost weight because of unhappy love.

Remember: you do this not to once again try to attract the attention of his beloved, whom you leave in the past – you are doing this in order to re-enter the future, where you will find true love. Inspire yourself that it was a trial balloon, but real happiness lies ahead.

It is very good to find a new occupation that will take you in your spare time. Maybe it will be a new hobby, a hobby. Life is interesting and diverse, and it always has a choice.

Having learned to love and respect yourself, you will see that it has become much easier for you to love other people. Try to see the good and attractive even in the first counter, because in every person you can find something interesting, worthy of love and respect. So, the light did not converge with a wedge on it, “precious and unique”, if there are so many interesting men around. Adjust yourself to the idea that you will definitely meet your soul mate, no matter how old you are. Believe – and it will happen.

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Lunar ritual to be lucky in love

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