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Lunar rituals and omens

Lunar rituals and omens

People believed and continue to believe that if a growing moon is taken out or brought to the street by a child, then it will grow better.

New Moon was considered a bad time for conceiving a child. Such a child will be born weak, sick, will be subject to the evil eye and other troubles.

In the days of the moonless, you could not take the baby from the chest.

The hostess, preparing a spoon for pies and pancakes, puts it on the window with the words: “Month, you are the Month, your golden horns! Look out the window, blow on the sponge!”

To see the moon on the right is fortunately.

When you see a young month on your right, show him the money.

To see the lunar path on the sea is to joy, and to swim along it to happiness.

Ritual to increase the attractiveness of the full moon

Pour a glass of boiled water into a glass, throw a pinch of salt in it with your left hand. Place the glass so that the moonlight falls on it. Read the plot until the salt dissolves:
“Moon water, that girl’s tear, let me be young, belolitsa, careless, let me fall in love with the one I love, for my beauty, for complaisance!”
Let the glass stand all night.
In the morning, after washing, on an empty stomach drink a mouthful of water, mentally saying:
“Water is in me, beauty is upon me!” Repeat these steps every morning until the water runs out in the glass.

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Ritual for attractiveness

If the moon grows, all the vitality and juices of nature rush up into the grasses and trees. During the growing moon, nature revives and pours forth. And you can get a piece of this energy. For this, old recipes are advised to dress in a dress or skirt (trousers, jeans, shorts are unacceptable) and go to the birch grove. Choose the birch tree on which the look fell. Put on the tree hands and ask to give you strength, beauty, youth. After a while you will feel that the birch either attracts or repels you. If it attracts – it is ready to help you, if not – look for another tree and repeat your request. Embrace the birch tree with your hands clasped in the lock. After a while, you will feel that the tree is attracting you, as if conveying what you asked for. Healers are advised to perform such rituals once a month.

Rituals on the waning moon

When the moon is waning, the earth will give you strength and energy of youth. To conduct the ritual, you should also go further away from the city noise. Lie down on the ground; and go for it. Then zamorite, press your belly and head to the ground. Lie in this position for about 5 minutes, ride another couple of minutes and get up. During the procedure you need to think about youth and health. The only “but”: you can contact the ground only in the warm season.

Full Moon Rituals

An effective method of prolonging youth, beauty and health is called bathing in the full moon. It has been known since time immemorial. The girls swam along the lunar path, asking the Moon to grant them eternal youth. True, this method works only when the moon is reflected in the water. If it was closed by a cloud, rather on the shore, otherwise the ritual can lead to the opposite effect!

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Ritual for hair beauty

So that the hair grows well and does not fall out, read on a young month, sitting by the window and combing your hair, be sure on Monday: “The field to the grain, the light to the sun, the crown to the scallop, and the hair to the hair.” Amen. ”

Rituals for Women’s Health

Women, facing the young month, turn to him with the words that their great-great-grandmothers once said: “Month, a young moon – you have a golden horn! You need an increase, but to me for good health!”.

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Lunar rituals and omens

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