72659 Lunar rituals for the fulfillment of desires

Lunar rituals for the fulfillment of desires

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Lunar rituals for the fulfillment of desires

Ritual for the fulfillment of desires in the full moon

This ritual must be done on the first full moon after your birthday.
You need to write on paper all your material desires – for example, a house, a car, a sum of money, etc. It is very important that your desires are sincere. When you have written down all your cherished desires, ask the Higher Powers for help, thank for all the blessings you will soon receive. It is believed that within a year you will get everything you want from your list.

Ritual for the fulfillment of desires on the new moon.

Write (most conveniently in block letters) your desire, for example: “I want to find an interesting and well-paid job” on a thick piece of paper. Take two church candles, one should be larger, and the other smaller. Light with a match a large candle, set in a candlestick, and from it light a smaller one. In this case, think about your desire. Then gently and gently burn the last letter in your note, that is, the letter “y”, and at the same time pronounce the following words: “Today I burn the letter” y. “From the curses, spoiling, the evil eye the evil eye will deliver immediately.” After that, extinguish the candles without blowing. Hide the items you used. The next day, the same actions, preferably at the same time, draw with the second letter from the end, that is, with “t”. Do this until you burn all the letters. When you burn the last, leave the candles to burn completely.

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