Lunar rituals to attract wealth
72661 Lunar rituals to attract wealth

Lunar rituals to attract wealth

Lunar rituals to attract wealth

Ritual for attracting wealth

Ritual is necessary to do at night on a full moon. It is very important that the sky is clear and the moon can be seen on it. Take a cup and pour clean water into it to the middle. In the cup, throw a silver coin (in color). Put the cup on the window sill or on the balcony (if there is a possibility – on the street) so that the light of the full Moon falls on it.
Lightly sweep your hands several times over the surface of the water, as if you are collecting moon silver in your hand. At this time, say three times:
Beautiful Mistress of the Moon! Bring me wealth, fill my hands with silver and gold. I can take everything you give!
Go to the street and pour water into the ground (not on the asphalt …). Keep the coin in your wallet.

Mantra to the Goddess of the Moon for the acquisition of abundance

There is also a special mantra dedicated to the Goddess of the Moon. They say that if you read this mantra 12 full moons – then you will become fabulously rich, your health will be strong and in all you will be accompanied by luck.
The presence of failures is due to the presence of demonic energy in the human body and in the things surrounding it.
Change the state of things can only be the expulsion of demonic energy and the attraction of maternal energy. To do this, you must choose the time of the full moon and go outside. Legs must rest on the ground, hands stretched out to the moon.
We pronounce the mantra AUM SHRI GAYA ADI CHANDRA AYA NAMAH 12 minutes. By the end of 12 minutes the body will be buzzing.
So repeat the 12 full moons. On the thirteenth the flow of money will collapse on you. In all cases, good luck will go. The body heals. But 12 full moons are difficult to sustain. There will be nightmarish dreams, unusual phenomena and reluctance to conduct a ritual. This adverse forces do not want to be expelled. But if you reach the end – everything works out. In principle, the steady growth of prosperity begins after the third full moon. After 12 full moons, we continue to do so every full moon. If you miss something, you must start all over again.

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Another version of this ritual

Begin to do it on the full moon. To work, you need to understand the following points. The Goddess of the Moon is the hypostasis (expansion, incarnation) of the Mother of the Worlds herself, to whom all materiality belongs. If a man has many energies of the Mother of the Worlds, then he is happy (healthy, rich, joyful). If it does not have these energies, then on the contrary. If a person does not have the energies of the Great Mother, then this means karmic knots, negative magical influences, and also mistakes and errors. When referring to the Mother of the Worlds, the process of expelling the negativity and decoupling the nodes must pass, which can take up to three months until the first results appear.
One of the days of the full moon, you must go out into a deserted place and stretch out your hands to the Moon with your hands. Start reading the mantra
Read the mantra until you feel that the rays of the moon enter the hands, fill the whole body, and the body begins to buzz like a swarm of bees. At least 5 minutes must occupy the session (maximum is not limited).
Then, for three months, we repeat this operation on a weekly basis. Anyway, on which day of the week, but once a week – on any phase of the moon. If it’s overcast, we imagine the moon behind the clouds and still perform the operation. So three months (12 weeks).
This ritual can also cause difficulties in its implementation. The forces of poverty and poverty will not want to leave you so easily. You need to be persistent if you really want to be rich.
Significant improvement in the financial situation will begin to be observed at week 13. From the 13th week we switch to another mode – read the mantra once a month, at least 5 minutes, on the full moon. And so for the rest of my life. If you missed one of the full moons, the process must begin first – that is, three months, weekly, etc.).

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Uncomplicated monetary ritual

On a new moon, pour a glass of water and leave it behind the curtains on the window until the moon is full, then wash this water, saying: “How did you, month, become thin, and I have every good to be full “.
It is believed that if the month of the people show “money”, then certainly will come wealth.
And according to the people’s signs. When you see a young month on your right, show him the money.

Building a mental model in a new moon

1st lunar day The symbol of the day is a lamp. The lunar month begins. Take it as the “foundation” of the whole next month. A lot of things depend on how this “foundation” will be laid. It is this time allotted for planning the events that must occur during this lunar month.
The 1st lunar day is the day of the materialization of dreams. Light the candle, look at the candle above the fire and imagine the realization of your dream. As soon as we got to the realization, well, for example, that either you buy yourself, you have to start to see everything in detail in your imagination. At the moment of realization, surround this carinka with a border of blue color. Not a nada in the people there is a clause “On a silver platter with a blue kayomochkoy.” From that moment on, how the crystallization of the dream will begin to crystallize and it materializes.
On the 2nd lunar day, it is necessary to reinforce what was conceived on the 1st lunar day, by its generosity. Before you get something, you need to sacrifice something.
For example, you can use the ritual of the victim to nature, will return a hundredfold. In the water, it is best to drop natural creek-streams, a river or a well to throw coins. Or you can put paper money on the water. This is a material sacrifice, so will materialization.

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How the hair is associated with the rich

There is an opinion that hair plays the role of natural antennas, through which we exchange energy with the Cosmos. In favor of this, even the very structure of hair speaks: their tubular structure really resembles waveguides that receive, conduct and radiate energy. That is why so many legends, beliefs and rituals are connected with the hair. Hair has always been considered a storehouse of strength, and magical powers.
And the hair is “tuned” to the reception of predominantly energies, giving us activity, determination, leadership, will, intuition and money. After all, money is also energy. In addition, all listed qualities are simply necessary for making money.
So, if you go to the hairdresser’s on the 3rd or 4th lunar day, you will add money in your wallet. During haircuts, a kind of tuning of the hair-antennas takes place, and their ability to trap the Cosmic energy becomes aggravated. Just do not get a haircut, otherwise your financial affairs will not improve, but on the contrary, wither away. After all, the amount of incoming energy will be reduced!
All of the above applies not only to the hair, but also to the beard and mustache. Many people are suspicious of a beard. But in fact a bearded man has greater financial resources than a beardless man! Observe, and you will be convinced of this. Only the beard needs to be combed often: then the income level will increase very noticeably.
Combing the hair – we realize the dream of wealth.
Migrating your “antennas” every month is completely unnecessary. And not everyone has a need for monthly trips to the hairdresser. Haircut with success will replace the ritual of combing your hair. Combing your hair (or beard), you can start implementing any ideas! Stand in front of the mirror and, looking into your eyes, rhythmically comb your hair. And do not just comb, but at the same time imagine that you are falling on top of money, a whole rain, a shower of money. This simple ritual can be repeated daily, except for the adverse lunar days (they are in the forefront), on the 3-4th lunar day it is especially effective.

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