Mazda Is Definitely Up To Something RX-Related
84430 Mazda Is Definitely Up To Something RX-Related

Mazda Is Definitely Up To Something RX-Related

Here we go again. Another month, another reborn Mazda RX rotary sports car rumor. But before we get to that, let’s reiterate what Mazda has already confirmed. Indeed it is working on new rotary technology, though this new rotary motor aims to serve as a backup power generator for an all-electric vehicle, possibly a future extended-range version of the new Mazda MX-30.

But Mazda also has something big happening today (it was officially founded on January 30, 1920): its 100th anniversary. This is a pretty big deal for any company, especially an automaker that has managed to stay in business through a couple of world wars and serious domestic competition. Respect. Therefore, shouldn’t there be a special vehicle to commemorate its centennial?

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