83167 Mazda's Awesome New Engine Proves Not Everyone Wants EVs

Mazda’s Awesome New Engine Proves Not Everyone Wants EVs

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“Since we launched the engine, we are seeing a very encouraging feedback: 60 percent of the orders for the Mazda3 are currently for cars equipped with the Skyactiv-X engine, as well as 45 percent of orders for the Mazda CX-30 crossover,” Mazda Europe CEO Yasuhiro Aoyama said.

For now, these are the only two models in Europe offered with Skyactiv-X. All the more impressive is that the CX-30 was launched only in October, and it’s sold in Europe with gasoline, diesel, and SPCCI variants. Aoyama believes the CX-30 will become the company’s best-seller in Europe. Currently, the CX-5 is the continent’s top-seller. And let’s not forget the eventual arrival of the MX-30 EV crossover, which is about the same size as the CX-30. If Aoyama believes the CX-30 will outsell the MX-30 in one of the best markets for EVs, then that says a lot.

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