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Meaning of the name Aelita

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Meaning of the name Aelita

Brief form of the name Aelita. Alya, Lyalya, Ala, Ala, Alya.

Synonyms of the name Aelita. Elite, Eliite, Aleta, Alaeta, Aeleta, Aelita, Alita, Eilith.

Origin of the name Aelita. Aelita’s name is Russian, Armenian, Greek.

The name of Aelita is known due to the sci-fi novel of Aleksei Nikolaevich Tolstoy, first published in 1923. In 1937, the author revised the work into a novella for young people. The very first film adaptation of this work was still in silent cinema, but it was she who became a classic of world fiction.

According to the author’s intention, Aelita’s name is fictional, he has a literary origin, in translation from the Martian language (Aelita – Princess of Mars) means “the light of the star visible for the last time”. But there is a suggestion that in modern language Aelita’s name can be used without connection with a fictional character. There is a name that is written as Aleta. In the Russian reading, variations of the pronunciation are possible – Elite, Eliite, Aleta, Alat, Aelet, Aelita, and Alita – Alita, Eilita. It is possible that it relates to the name invented by A. Tolstoy. In 2014, 5 girls in the United States received this name, until 2006, only 6 people were named by this name in the United States.

This name reappears in everyday life, as various musicians began to call their albums, this name is used by one of the American software companies. Also the name Aelita is used among Armenians, Ukrainians, Russians, Kazakhs and Tatars. There are various assumptions, which means Aelita’s name. According to one opinion, the name of Aelita of English origin means “noble”, which corresponds in meaning to such names as Eugene, Adeline, Alice, Adele, Patricia. Also the name Alita is one of the appeals to Adeline, therefore, a connection between these two names is possible.

According to another opinion, the origin of Aelita is Greek. The name is formed from two semantic parts: “aair” – “air” and “lithos” – “stone”, so the interpretation of its meaning may be different, the most common – the “air stone”. Affectionate appeals of Lyalya and Alya are also independent names. Aelita does not celebrate the name day, because it does not appear in either Catholic or Orthodox calendars. The owner of the name Aelita has her own view of life, she is constant in her own convictions, but is open to everything new.

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Her penchant for introspection creates a screen around her, surrounding with a halo of mystery. Aelita has an impressive self-control, she seems to radiate an atmosphere of calmness, which can be mistaken for icy indifference, but inside this girl’s soul everything is boiling, pushing her sometimes for ambiguous acts.

Aelita seeks to deeply explore the world around him, but keeps all the discoveries to himself, ready to share them only with the people most dear to her. It overwhelms a lot of questions, the answers to which she prefers to learn independently. She is ready to try various activities in order to find a really important occupation for her.

Therefore, as a child, one should not limit her creative activity in one direction only, the girl herself will prompt the necessary decision. Despite her unusual outlook on life, on the recognition of her own uniqueness, Aelita does not become proud, closed-minded person, she likes living communication, loves spending time with the company, joking and having fun.

It can attract original, independent or avant-garde professions related to creativity or fashion. Traveling and changing the situation, mastering modern information technologies – all this is an integral part of Aelita’s life. Aelita seeks to find a life partner for whom she could rely completely.

Going to the intended goal, Aelita can completely forget about such real household issues as having money in your wallet, order in the house and a cooked dinner. But Aelita tries to keep her family hearth, windiness is not peculiar to this girl. Her activity and diligence, sincere feelings and conscientiousness can more than overshadow some of the shortcomings of the owner of this name.

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