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Meaning of the name Eileen

Meaning of the name Eileen

Synonyms of the name Eileen. Eileen, Elena, Evelyn, Evelina, Elina, Alana, Alina, Alena.

Origin of the name Eileen. The name of Eileen is Tatar, English, Muslim.

Eileen’s name has different versions of the origin. According to one of them, the name Aylin has Turkic roots, the part of the name “ah” in this case can have two variants of interpretation – “the moon” and “inspiration”, the second part is treated as “light”. The name can have different meanings – “moonlight”, “moonlight”, “inspired radiance” and others. This name is used by the Tatars, Turks and other peoples.

The name Eileen is used among Europeans, more often among the English-speaking population. It occurs in use, in particular, among the Irish, the Scots. There are various variants of the origin of the name in Europe. According to one of them, the name Eileen is a variant of the name Evelyn, its derivative, in the homeland it is pronounced through “e” – Eileen, but in Russian pronunciation, in addition to the native pronunciation, appeared through “a”. In the second variant, the name Eileen is an Irish variant of the pronunciation of the name Helen, Helen (in Russian – Elena).

Also the name of Eileen, pronounced and Eileen is the Breton version of the Hebrew name Abel (Hevel), meaning “breath”. Eileen’s name may have common roots with the male name Alan, and is a variant of the pronunciation of the female name Alan, which has different origins. Because of the different pronunciation in the English language of the English spelling of the name Eileen, it is also possible that the name Eileen is just one of the variations of the pronunciation of other names, such as Elina, for example.

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Europeans are easier to pronounce Russian names in their own way, so Alena and Alina can become Aylin. A girl named Aylin is very perceptive, endowed with an aristocratic appearance. She is gentle and refined, wants to be admired, but because of vanity, but because she gives a good example to others. Eileen is a strong personality, a strong-willed woman, very disciplined, not without ambition, can be authoritarian if she needs to achieve a certain goal.

Aileen is sociable, capable of great generosity, extremely sensitive, much to take care of others. She can fall prey to her gullibility and arrogance, so it is very important that there are always true friends alongside her. Aileen is fond of various fields, she quickly and easily learns art and languages. Most often, the owner of this name finds its “I” in creative activity, or in other areas where creativity is required, for example, in sport – rhythmic gymnastics, synchronized swimming, dancing, etc.

Aileen can achieve success in the social field, she likes to contact people. For her, also important occupation, related to responsibility and justice – it’s politics, jurisprudence. Her travels are fascinating, Aileen will be able to make a career on television. In the family life, Aileen will be quite demanding to her partner, she deeply respects the feelings of others, and therefore requires an appropriate attitude towards herself. In her house will reign exemplary order, this girl is a real perfectionist. A girl named Aileen is a tactful person, not without reason, is moderately pensive and does not take rash steps.

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