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Meaning of the name Leon

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Meaning of the name Leon

Short form of the name Leon. Leo, Leonito, Nelo, Leonetto, Lillo.

Synonyms for Leon. Leo, Love, Lyon, Lionel, Lionel, Leonel, Lionelo, Leonelo, Lionello.

The origin of the name Leon. Leon is English, Catholic. The name Leon has two versions of origin.

According to the first version, the name Leon came from the Latin name Leo, which translates as “lion.” According to the second version, the name Leon of Greek origin, but with the same meaning – “lion.” The name Lion, used in Russia, is the literal translation of this name. In Western Europe, Leon and Leo are used more often, and less often Leo. From the man’s name Leon formed the female name of Leon. Also the name of Leon is often a diminutive appeal to some masculine names.

For example, Leonard and Leonid. The name Leon gives to the owner a phlegmatic and external equanimity, behind which, as a rule, a talented person with a vivid imagination hides. Leon is characterized by an analytical mindset and good intuition. This person loves to thoroughly study all things, likes to impose his point of view on another person. For Leon, friendship is one of the holiest things, one can not live without friends at all. This person piously honors the moral principles accepted in society, he does not like to interfere in someone else’s life and has huge internal reserves. Leon can become an excellent economist, programmer, manager or deputy, barman, waiter or croupier in a casino, a technology salesman or real estate agent.

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In connection with the fact that for Leon the material support of the family and work plays an important role, it is necessary to choose occupations as occupations that give stability, good income and high self-esteem and do not require spiritual expenditure. This man has one more ability – possession of a word and a pen, Leon can become an outstanding writer. In Leon’s life, the most important things are the work and material support of his family, which is very important for him. Leon has an urgent need for love, he wants to love himself. His wife must become a sensual and tender woman, otherwise his life will be a tragedy.

Name Leon

Leon just adores the children. This man is somewhat dependent on his partner, because his temperament is very unstable. His woman must have a strong will and be very attractive to him, since it is she who must push him to high goals. Leon is full of optimism, cordiality is one of the main features of his character. The possessor of this name is well developed physically and always looks good, which allows him to feel a leader in any life situation. Intuition and advanced logical thinking help Leon to draw clear plans for further action and to solve the most difficult tasks.

As soon as Leon understands what he must do next, energy awakens in him, which helps him to get an accurate idea of ​​the actions that will lead him to the ultimate goal. Nevertheless, to achieve maximum life results, in addition to logic and intuition, the bearer of this name needs the ability to believe in one’s own possibilities. In the character of a man named Leon, this skill is not enough, and high self-esteem and strong energy make Leon a weak-willed and selfish person.

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High goals Leon, as a rule, understates, and sometimes loses their spiritual meaning. The bearer of this name has to constantly control his character in order to get rid of selfishness and strengthen his qualities.

Name Leon Leon celebrates his name day on January 12, February 2, February 4, February 20, March 3, May 31, July 14, August 31, September 24, November 25, December 20.