Meaning of the name March
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Meaning of the name March

Meaning of the name March

Brief form of the name Martha. Martochka, Marochka, Mara, Mark, Marusya, Marti, Titus, Martita, Tata, Mathieu.

Synonyms of the name of Mart. March, Marwah, Marthe, Marthe, Martha.

Origin of the name Marta. Marta’s name is Jewish, Catholic. The name of Martha comes from the Hebrew name, which means “mistress”, “mistress”, “tutor”. In Russia this name sounds like Martha. The diminutive appeals of Mara, Tata, Marousia can also be either independent names or appeals to other names. For the name of March Catholic names will be indicated. Orthodox Names – see the name of Martha.

Marta is a well-balanced woman. It is distinguished by its firmness and straightforwardness. The owner of this name knows her own worth. She is energetic and always strives for the set goal. Marta often shows selfishness. She feels the peculiarity of her name. In Russian speech, her name has a foreign connotation. Russian-language version – Marfa has long lost its relevance and is rarely used.


A woman named Marta can always stand up for herself. She always follows her interests. Martha is not an emotional person by itself. Often, her behavior is cold and restrained. All its energy, it usually directs to the realization of the assigned tasks. Material wealth is more important for her than spiritual values. The mistress of this name can be called an open and sociable person who has a good sense of humor and a consistent mindset. Martha does not know how to take jokes in her address. Therefore, often displays resentment. Despite her rather strange character, the woman is able to smooth conflict situations. This her ability helps her in life, contributes to the regulation of relationships within the family and promotion of the career ladder.

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In communication with Martha, you should not be too serious. The inappropriate display of unnecessary emotions also can adversely affect the relationship with this woman. She has such qualities as independence and pride. To achieve something, do not put pressure on it. All questions with the owner of this name can only be solved by reaching compromises. In the event of a quarrel, the conflict with it should not be delayed. It is better to find out all the relationships right away. Despite the fact that Martha has a wonderful memory, she never shows cunning and cunning towards close people.

By nature, a woman with this name is strong in spirit. In her character, male features predominate. It under no circumstances lends itself to external influence on itself. Always seeks to establish contacts in the team in which he is located. In March, there is demanding not only to yourself, but to others. In some situations, it needs to be more tolerant and calm. The absence of these qualities, can not only ruin all of its even the best impulses.

name March

Marta has a good reaction. It is able to repel any attack so that the enemy will lose all arguments. Marta always shows diligence in his work. She does not what can not force to abandon the goal. In all her endeavors, she aspires to go to the end. It is able to prove itself in almost every field of activity. Owners of this name usually become medical workers, teachers, agronomists, actresses, singers. Some are running their own restaurant business.

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Marta also has a good ability to learn languages. On some colleagues looks like enemies. In general, she is a friendly enough person, if it does not go against her personal interests. In Martha’s actions, the calculation is most often the priority. Before taking any risky action, she will see how others do it. Martha’s moral principles directly depend on her surroundings. In life, she seeks comfort and pleasure. With respect to the opposite sex can be aggressive. Marriage for her is of great importance. She wants a strong marriage. For outsiders, women perceive themselves as rivals. It is necessary to beware of her in anger.

March celebrates the name day on January 19, February 23, July 29, October 20.

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