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Meaning of the name of Theon

Meaning of the name of Theon

Brief form of the name of Theon. Thea, Thea, Thay, Theosya, Theo, Tiko.

Synonyms of Theon. Feona, Teia, Thea, Teia, Thea, Dorothea, Feya.

Origin of the name of Theon. The name of Theon is Catholic, Georgian. The name of Theon is a woman’s name, often found among Georgians. It is believed that the name of Theon is a derived name in the name of the Greek Titanid Teiji. The name Teia can also be recorded as Thea and Faia and translated literally as “the goddess.” In this context, the names of Theon and Feon are variants of pronunciation and recording of the same name, used in different countries. But also the name of Teia, Thea, Thea – is an appeal to a girl named Dorothea in some European countries, and in Russian-speaking – Fairy – to the Russian analogue of this name Dorofe.

Dorothea’s name means “divine gift”, therefore there is a version that the name of Theon (Feona) is a modern modified phonetic version of Dorothea’s name, which appeared from a brief reference to the owner of this name, which in its entirety now looks somewhat outdated. The Catholic saints mention a bishop and several martyrs named Theonas, where the Feona is a man’s name. By definition, Theon’s name is close to such names as Dorothea, Theodora, Theodosius, Dositheus, Diana (“divine”), Alana (“divine”), Bozhidar, Bogdan. Do not be confused with the name of Fiona, which has a completely different origin. The owner of the name of Theon prefers to control everything within the limits of her influence, arrange everything to her own taste, but take into account the wishes of others. This is a creative nature, can keep secrets and be a good diplomat.

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Teona prefers to learn such skills that will be universal in different areas. It is very important for Theona to find her own way, so she often changes her classes, her knowledge is diverse. She has a flexible consciousness, she respects many different cultures, without singling out one of them as the main one – in each she will distinguish both positive and negative points. This is a fairly correct critic, focusing only on facts that does not endorse his own assessment as the only true opinion. Theona loves communication, this is a sociable girl.

Teona is able to quickly switch his attention from one to another, move from one job to another, so she simply turns out, there is no time to be sad and bored, this girl can always find a job. Theon understands his goals, makes an important decision in his life and follows his dream, directly, directly, without worry and uncertainty, and, by observing a clear line of action, she can succeed. Internal ambitions strongly motivate her and direct this girl.

Theon possesses an intuitive type of perception, but she also has analytical abilities. She can succeed as a leader, a business analyst, a marketer. Creativity or the scientific sphere – for Teona is not so important what exactly she will be doing, for her it is very important to do this qualitatively and successfully. The owner of Theon’s name seeks inner freedom, and in this endeavor can never be satisfied with what she has at the moment. Every time she gets what she wants, the rest is still uncertain, and then the girl can sometimes fear the future until a new change is made.

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Theon is always looking for new places, new faces, loves changes and new impressions. They speak of her as an honest and just man. But her husband chooses from the principle that she needs an equal partner, not her husband, behind whom you can hide. She will be a good wife and an excellent housewife until her husband encroaches on her independence and suggests changing her chosen life strategy for housekeeping and raising children as the priority tasks of the family. Theon tries to always make his family happy and puts maximum effort into it.

Theona celebrates the name day on January 3, April 20, August 23.

Meaning of the name of Theon

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