Mercedes-AMG's New CEO Is Already Out After Corporate Reshuffle At Mercedes-Benz

It seems that Schiemer did do a good job of increasing top-end sales, with the segment growing significantly in Q4 by 14% over the previous year, bringing the yearly total of car sales to 83,800 units. The main drivers in this were increased sales of AMG at 28%, Maybach at 25%, and G-Class at 15%. This is all despite the fact that, overall, Mercedes sales were down 1% from what they were in 2021.

The move is very significant as it potentially tightens Kallenius’ control over these all-important vehicle sales. Right now his divisions are coming off very good years, so it is surprising to see such a move like this. Perhaps he is expecting more out of them, or maybe it’s because he desires a little more oversight and control by putting one of his own men in the position. Whatever the reason, Mercedes’s top-end sales have a bright year ahead of them with vehicles like the Mercedes-Maybach EQS SUV coming soon and AMG One hypercars finally being delivered.

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