Mercedes-AMG One Hypercar Has 1,200 Horsepower
91219 Mercedes-AMG One Hypercar Has 1,200 Horsepower

Mercedes-AMG One Hypercar Has 1,200 Horsepower

Still, it’s not impossible to achieve that amount of power and the additional time the R&D team has had to work out various issues could have also provided the opportunity to improve things even further. Membership into the AMG One owner’s club is ultra-exclusive; production is limited to just 275 examples.

We wouldn’t be surprised to find out if those future owners have already been made privy to the car’s final specs, or, at least, the last data available. They’re only paying a staggering $2.75 million per car, so they should, at the very least, know what’s going behind the scenes before the rest of the world does. Other details coming from the anonymous sources include some exterior changes, specifically a “larger fixed aerodynamic part at the rear.”

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