Mercedes-Benz Introduces True Autonomous Parking
90934 Mercedes-Benz Introduces True Autonomous Parking

Mercedes-Benz Introduces True Autonomous Parking

The Mercedes-Benz S-Class is the first-ever production car to feature AVP technology and Level 4 autonomous driving, but the new system will be limited by the availability of parking garages fitted with the required infrastructure. “With [AVP], Mercedes-Benz is demonstrating that driverless parking will soon be possible,” Hafner says. According to Mercedes, the automated vehicle drop-off and collection system will save both time and money, and Apcoa, Europe’s largest parking garage operator, is already planning more intelligent parking lots.

“Looking ahead, we want to open up AVP to more customers at selected Apcoa locations,” says Frank van der Sant, chief commercial officer at Apcoa Parking Holdings. With 1.5 million parking spaces across 9,500 locations, the new technology could open up space for 20 percent more vehicles.

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