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Midterms Live Blog: Democrats Closing In On House Control; Fox News Already Has Called It For Them

This is it, America (and Hollywood) — the day we exercise our constitutional right and civic duty and vote in the midterm elections. The cable news networks and their broadcast compatriots will be in full beast mode with wall-to-wall coverage, and Deadline is live blogging the action all night.


The national focus is on three key races: the gubernatorial battles in Florida and Georgia and the U.S. Senate vote in Texas. It’s Republican Ron DeSantis vs. Dem Andrew Gillum in the Sunshine State, in an often racially charged showdown; the Peach State election pits its House Minority Leader Stacey Abrams against Secretary of State Brian Kemp; and in Texas it’s incumbent Sen. Ted Cruz facing U.S. Rep. Beto O’Rourke.

Two years and a Donald Trump presidency after the stunning result of the 2016 vote, the networks are primed for a long night of returns, punditry and analysis. Even the broadcast nets are in the game this year, which certainly is rare for midterms.

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So grab a beverage, turn on your TV or radio and stick with Deadline as it all plays out tonight — that is, assuming you already have one of those little stickers pictured above.

Here is how we at Deadline are seeing the night unfold:

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20187:20 pm

Rep. Pete “No Relation” Sessions goes down in Texas after holding his seat since 2003. He loses to Colin “No Relation” Allred, a former pro football player who had never run for elected office.

Dominic Patten November 6, 20187:19 pm

Hours into the midterm elections & this November Rain prize from Indiana’s finest still my fav tweet of the day so far

Lisa de Moraes November 6, 20187:15 pm

Republican Kris Kobach lost to Dem Laura Kelly in Kansas governor’s race, though it’s a red state because, Karl Rove explains to FNC viewers, “It’s not a deep red of other states, there are moderate Republicans.” Kansas Secretary of State Kobach had some issues, FNC says. Southern Poverty Law Center, however, said Trump’s pick to investigate 2016 voter fraud had “nativist, anti-immigrant beliefs” and attempted “to remove people from his state’s voter rolls
in 2015, making anyone who did not provide proof of citizenship within
90 days ineligible to vote.”

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20187:14 pm

MSNBC calls Texas Senate race for incumbent Ted Cruz, closing the lid on Democratic hopes of taking that body of Congress.

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20187:11 pm

An NBC publicist notes that the this quintet has “175+ years of combined reporting experience.” No jokes about Tom Brokaw’s age, please:

Dominic Patten November 6, 20187:11 pm

CNN loves noting stuff — what I like more is John King’s unintended photobombing of a yakking Wolf Blitzer & Jake Tapper …Wolf pumped to cut to breaking news in Congressional race. Now Tapper backing down from his no blue wave remarks of earlier and says Dems are “having a great night when it comes to picking up Republican seats in the House.” Dems just need 11 more wins to take the lower chamber & Cali still to come

Lisa de Moraes November 6, 20187:11 pm

FNC’s Laura Ingraham: “If Florida and Georgia go Republicans, “Obama, Oprah, and entire mainstream media have a huge amount of egg on their face.”

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20187:09 pm

On August 12, 2004, Jim McGreevey came out as gay and announced he would resign the governorship, effective November 15, 2004. This made McGreevey the first openly gay governor in United States history

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20187:09 pm

Clarifying a post we had earlier: Jared Polis becomes the first openly gay candidate to be ELECTED governor. Deadline’s Jersey Boy Bruce Haring notes this:

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20187:07 pm

CNN notes that Kobach was Trump’s “handpicked” candidate.

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20187:07 pm

Note the words “my very early supporter” in Trump’s tweet below.

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20187:06 pm

How much has Kobach leaned on Trump during this campaign? This has been his PINNED TWEET SINCE AUGUST 15:

Dominic Patten November 6, 20187:06 pm

Elections reminded me why I love Wrestlemania 

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20187:05 pm

Down goes Kobach! Down goes Kobach!

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20187:05 pm

CNN projects Laura Kelly the winner of the Kansas governor races. She unseats Kris Kobach, who had gotten a big push from the commander in chief.

Dino-Ray Ramos November 6, 20187:05 pm

SIDE NOTE: For some reason, seeing Chris Christie on ABC’s panel of commentators feels surreal.

Dominic Patten November 6, 20187:05 pm

Met Romney at Sundance a few years back when the Netflix docu “Mitt” debuted in Park City & Salt Lake City …much looser & impressive in person than when he ran for POTUS in 2016. Clearly worships his ex-Michigan Gov father

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20187:03 pm

For the record, Fox NEws and CNN called the Romney win at the same time.

Dominic Patten November 6, 20187:02 pm

In other news, the sun will be rising tmrw in Utah and the rest of America

Dominic Patten November 6, 20187:01 pm

One of those wins was NYC’s own Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, youngest woman ever elected to Congress & a star of the Democrats even before she is sworn in. She’ll be fast tracked for top committee role, bet you money!

Lisa de Moraes November 6, 20187:01 pm

Mitt Romney new Utah senator says Fox News

Lisa de Moraes November 6, 20187:00 pm

Brit Hume continues the end-of-the-world-ing over House flip at Fox News Channel, forecasting investigations that will be mounted by House Dems into Trump administration will receive “far more favorable coverage” by the media than the Republicans’ investigation of the FBI, etc. the past couple years. The House Dems investigations of Trump White House will “likely be adoring coverage” Hume mourned, calling it “just a reality that the media we have today will present.”

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20186:59 pm

CNN calls two more House races for Dems. Magic number at 15, by its count.

Dino-Ray Ramos November 6, 20186:58 pm

Another first and switch: Sharice Davids is the first lesbian congresswoman from Kansas.

Dominic Patten November 6, 20186:55 pm

Fox News are on the money, once polls close in Cali the blue tide will kick in

Lisa de Moraes November 6, 20186:55 pm

Chris Wallace at Fox News Channel: “The Trump White House is not as prepared as other White Houses haves been when they lose control of the House, for  the onslaught of investigations and subpoenas they are of about to face.”

Dominic Patten November 6, 20186:55 pm

“Democrats are smiling” – CNN never fail to get straight to the point, don’t they

Dominic Patten November 6, 20186:54 pm

Oh Erik, he’s clearly taking some private time to reflect on the nation, perhaps picking up the memoirs of Ulysses Grant to look into how great men reflect their times …

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20186:54 pm

CNN calls two more House races for Dems — magic number to flip is at 17 and shrinking.

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20186:52 pm

BReaking news: Donlad Trump hasn’t tweeted in seven hours. Should we send the Secret Service in for a welfare check?

Lisa de Moraes November 6, 20186:51 pm

As soon as Bret Baier announces they’re calling the House will flip to Dems, Fox News Channel goes to its Pelosi Place. Martha MacCallum:  “Democrats will soon have to decide whether to to restore Nancy Pelosi to her old job as Speak of House.  Chris Wallace: “It is a very very big deal. I think of Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House, Adam Schiff as chair of the House Intel Committee, Elijah Cummings as head of the House Oversight Committee…. a lot of listeners out there, their heads are exploding.”

Dominic Patten November 6, 20186:51 pm

You know, no matter how this all goes down President Trump is going to take all the glory he can, blame everyone else for the defeats & slither forward in a flurry of tweets in the AM. 

Dominic Patten November 6, 20186:48 pm

BBC World News is a bit of a second tier cable player for American media types during election nights, but their coverage is top notch & certainly not as striving as their Yankee compadres 

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20186:46 pm

Just got this to our tipline from a reader: “Please, Mr. Kornacki, stop referring to Hillary Clinton, in every win. She is not a candidate and many of these new voters are voting for their candidates, not Hillary Clinton. It is a huge turnoff. Will we ever let the Clinton’s go. The people running now are no Clintons. They are antidotes to the Clintons.”

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20186:45 pm

Dems pick up two more House seats, lowering the magic number to flip at 19.

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20186:42 pm

A visibly solemn Jake Tapper on CNN: “It looks increasingly like not only will Democrats not win back the Senate but that they will actually lose seats in the Senate this evening.”

Lisa de Moraes November 6, 20186:41 pm

Fox News Channel’s Bret Baier: We are n prepared to make one of the biggest calls of the night: Democrats will take control of House for the first time in eight years, dealing a major setback to President Trump’s legislative agenda, giving fresh hope to liberals who want to investigate, possibly even impeach the president.”

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Dominic Patten November 6, 20186:40 pm

Jake Tapper goes for the droll while playing Senate musical chairs early in the night – “let’s give Texas to the Democrats just for giggles” Giggles? 

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20186:39 pm

And another first: MSNBC just called Colorado governor race for Democrat Jared Polis. Rachel Maddow notes that he’s the first opener gay U.S. governor.

Dino-Ray Ramos November 6, 20186:39 pm

Ayanna Pressley has made history, becoming Massachusetts’ first black Congresswoman.

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20186:38 pm

Oops, meant to post this from CNN’s Gloria Borger, which is what Van Jones was reacting to (thanks to me colleague Dave Robb):

Consensus among political pundits is that Republicans are sure to hold the Senate, but that the House is still in play. “There’s no tsunami,” said CNN chief political correspondent Gloria Borger. “There’s a lot of disappointment that I’m hearing from people. …. The balloon is popping.”

Dominic Patten November 6, 20186:37 pm

Erik – that was the fabled Johnny Two-Times, Two-Times

Dominic Patten November 6, 20186:37 pm

Ranking the cable newsers for entertainment factor. 

1. Fox News – loud & proud, like WWE

2 MSNBC – best bar convo where no one is drinking (openly)

3. CNN – we’re not fake news but man, are we not a lot of fun

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20186:35 pm

Wasn’t that a GoodFellas character, Dom?

Dominic Patten November 6, 20186:35 pm

John King tries to spice it up on CNN by referring to himself as “Johnny Broken Record” as he once again mentions how the suburbs are where the real action is in American politics in 2018

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20186:35 pm

Here’s how CNN sees the Race for the House at the moment:

Lisa de Moraes November 6, 20186:32 pm

Sarah Huckabee Sanders gives Fox News Channel a State of Donald Trump update: “So far we feel good about where we are. Frankly, the President has had an incredible night.” She pointed to Mike Braun, calling him a candidate “a lot of people projected to lose by a lot. “The President went in and closed the deal.” Republican Mike Braun defeated incumbent Democrat Joe Donnelly in the race for Indiana’s U.S. Senate seat.

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20186:28 pm

“It’s not a blue wave, but it’s still a blue war,” Jones added. “I think that sense of helplessness that has really fueled a lot of this outrage and outpouring from Democrats tomorrow, even if we take the House.”

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20186:27 pm

Van Jones on CNN, re lack of a blue tsunami: “This is heartbreaking. It’s heartbreaking. The hope has been that the antibodies would kick in — that this sort of infestation of hatred and division would draw a response from the American people, really in both parties, to say, ‘No, no more.”

Lisa de Moraes November 6, 20186:26 pm

Southern Poverty Law Center, BREAKING: Florida has voted to return voting rights to 1.4 million people! These
men and women – disproportionately representing communities of color –
have done their time and paid their debts to society.

Lisa de Moraes November 6, 20186:24 pm

ACLU: BREAKING: Florida just voted to restore voting rights to 1.4 million people.

1 in 10 Floridians had been shut out of our democracy. Tonight that
changes — this is a huge victory thanks to the relentless activism of
the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition.

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20186:22 pm

CNN just posted a grahpic showing Beto O’Rourke ahead by … 79 votes. “Take a picture of that,” one pundit advises.

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20186:21 pm

Yet another first in American politics tonight:

Dominic Patten November 6, 20186:19 pm

As much as Senate races are tipped in the GOP’s favor this year, 2020 will see the Dems in the advantage sweet spot – the calendar giveth & the calendar taketh

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20186:18 pm

With Fox on commercial, I’m stiching back to CNN.

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20186:17 pm

Then BRit Hum chimed in: “And Chris, if Beto O’Rourke wins in Texas, he’s the instant front-runner, don’t you think?” Wallace: “Oh, absolutely. Some people would say even if he loses he could start running for president.”

Dominic Patten November 6, 20186:14 pm

Is Beyonce the Boss Tweed of Texas? 

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20186:14 pm

Meanwhile on Fox News, Chris Wallace notes: “You can begin to see this Democratic field for 2020 shaping up.Elizabeth Warren won re-election, Bernie Sanders won re-election, Kirsten Gillibrand won re-election, so did Amy Klobuchar. Those are four people being mentioned potentially as Democratic presidential candidates — they all won tonight.”

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20186:11 pm

From Deadline’s Dave Robb:

Jake Tapper just said on CNN. “It’s entirely possible that Democrats will regain control of the House today, but I have to say, when you look at what’s going on here tonight, this is not a blue wave.”

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20186:10 pm

FNC calls the West Virginia Senate race for Dem incumbent Joe Manchin.

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20186:07 pm

Bret Baier on Fox News: “This is not lining up exactly like opur voter analysis early look — it is actually skewing more Republicans.”

Dino-Ray Ramos November 6, 20186:06 pm

I am cautiously optimistic about Beto winning. Houston is a huge city…some of it progressive, some of it very conservative — but they also voted in an openly gay mayor so who knows? Also, Beyonce — who is from Houston — endorsed Beto at the final hour and as we all know, what she says goes!

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20186:06 pm

This from Tom Brokaw on NBC awhile ago: “Tomorrow morning the presidential election for 2020 will begin because there are so many new players there. There’s somebody missing from tonight that we’ll be hearing more about in the not too distant future, the special prosecutor, Mr. Mueller. He has not been talked about, he will be a big, big play in the weeks and months to come for whatever he has to say but he’ll have something to say.”

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20186:05 pm

FNC just called Menendez as the winner in New Jersey — a half-hour after MSNBC did.

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20186:04 pm

Switching back to Fox News for a while. My colleagues continue to monitor other nets.

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20186:03 pm

Marsha Blackburn wins Seante race in Tennessee, per MSNBC.

Dominic Patten November 6, 20186:01 pm

Texas polls have closed! Dino, what’s your prediction? Will Houston rid us of Ted Cruz?

Dominic Patten November 6, 20186:00 pm

Ted Cruz is more than polarizing Nicolle. Texas is a tight race but I’m surprised that Beto only has 75.8% of the vote in the county that contains the Republic of Austin. Who are the 23.4% who support Ted Cruz? 

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20185:59 pm

Nicolle Wallace oin Ted Cruz: “To lose this after sort of crawling back to Donald Trump after he insulted his father and wife would be a human tragedy but an immense political victory. He is the most polarizing figure in the Republican Party.”

Dominic Patten November 6, 20185:57 pm

Kinda a perfect description of modern life in so many ways

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20185:56 pm

For what it’s worth, he adds that the O’Rourke camp believes that he will win.

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20185:55 pm

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes is at Beto O’Rourke headquarters down in the West Texas town of El Paso. After rattling off some numbers that are quite Beto-friendly, he said: “All of that points to an evening here in Texas as the votes come in that is more interesting than it’s been in Texas in a very long time when you’re looking at what kind of dynamics Beto would need in order to beat the incumbent Ted Cruz.”

Dominic Patten November 6, 20185:53 pm

Soon to retire CA Gov. Jerry Brown’s office just announced he’ll have a “media availability” at the LBJ Library in Austin, TX tmrw …being that Lt. Gov Gavin Newsom looks a lock to win in the Golden State, does Moonbeam have something to tell us about JFK? Was it Ted Cruz’s Dad? Or sorry, that’s Trump’s old theory? 

BTW – doesn’t Beto O’Rourke look like a Gen X Jerry Brown? 

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20185:50 pm

There appears to be some subliminal message in the decor of Fox News’ set, but I can’t put my finger on it…

Lisa de Moraes November 6, 20185:48 pm

Kim Davis, the Kentucky official who refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex
couples has lost her bid for re-election as Rowan County Clerk, AP reports.

Davis, a Republican, was defeated by Democratic challenger Elwood Caudill,  to serve a four-year term. 

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20185:47 pm

Asked what impact Donald Trump big rally in Missouri last night had on her race, McCaskill gets in one of the best lines of the night so far: “Oh listen, he was here so often, I figure he was building a golf course.”

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20185:46 pm

“I’m not afraid to be a moderate,” McCaskill says.

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20185:45 pm

Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill, who is in the fight of her political life, on CNN: “You know me, I’m gonna be really honest with you: I have no flippin’ idea what gonna happen tonight. We could win, or we could lose.”

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Dominic Patten November 6, 20185:44 pm

Earlier today ex-VP Joe Biden said he’d “guarantee” Trump will “challenge the legitimacy of the vote” if GOP loses House and maybe even Senate. The sometimes sharp tongued potential 2020 contender also called the ex-Celebrity Apprentice host “an interesting guy.” C’mon Joe, stick to being blunt, I think you mean a different word than interesting

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20185:43 pm

From my colleague Dave Robb:

Although the night is still young, the vote tallies aren’t as good as hoped for by Democrats, said a rather gloomy James Carville just minutes ago on CNN. “Tonight, there was some hope that the Democrats would have a wave election. It’s not gonna be a wave election,” said the chief strategist for Bill Clinton’s 1992 presidential campaign. “There’s still a good chance that the Democrats win the House, but I see the chances of a wave kind of dissipating every time I see something on the board.”

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20185:42 pm

From Fox News:

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20185:40 pm

From the AP just now:

Democratic state Sen. Jennifer Wexton defeated two-term incumbent Republican Rep. Barbara Comstock, whom she portrayed as a Trump ally out of touch with her diverse, well-educated district.

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20185:39 pm

It appears that the latest strong woman to troll Donald Trump tonight is Mother Nature:

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20185:37 pm

Kornacki breakin’ it down for Florida.

Dominic Patten November 6, 20185:36 pm

Seriously, when John says “let’s look at the map” even Wolf Blitzer goes mum & the Wolfman almost never goes quiet

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20185:36 pm

That’s one of those strange-seeming calls, when a projection comes while the challenger is ahead. Maddow notes that it’s only 1% of the vote, though.

Dino-Ray Ramos November 6, 20185:35 pm

ABC reports that 54% of swing voters are voting Democratic during the midterms.

Dominic Patten November 6, 20185:35 pm

Why doesn’t Jeff Zucker give John King’s wall of electoral hope its own show outside of when America goes to the polls? 

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20185:35 pm

OK, MSNBC has called the New Jersey Senate race for Bob Menendez, who “had so many ethical and legal troubles has turned away former Big Pharma executive Bob Hugin,” Williams says.

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20185:34 pm

Florida reminds me that I have to pour a little out for Jimmy Farrar, the second Molly Hatchet singer, who died last week. I’m fairly certain that all six of the band members from its “Flirtin’ with Disaster” heyday have died, and Farrar makes at least two of the replacements. Ramblin’ on.

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20185:30 pm

MSNBC just put up the latest numbers in the Florida governor race, and it’s the first time I’ve seen DeSantis leading Gillum — by eight-tenths. Brian Williams and Rachel Maddow were chatting with Carville and did not comment on that new number.

Dino-Ray Ramos November 6, 20185:27 pm

W. Kamau Bell (friend of Deadline’s New Hollywood Podcast) shows us the right way to watch midterms coverage.

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20185:26 pm

“The blood did go out of my face,” Carville says.

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20185:26 pm

Brian Williams reminiscing with James Carville about this time of day in the 2016 election.

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20185:25 pm

With 28% of TExas precincts reporting, it’s Beto O’Rourke over Ted Cruz by 52-48.

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20185:24 pm

And yes, they are following Deadline’s live blog.

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20185:24 pm

And this photo of a watch party just arrived from the state that Springfield is in:

Dino-Ray Ramos November 6, 20185:22 pm

Meghan McCain points out that Arizona can have the first Democratic Senator since 1976.

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20185:22 pm

CBS just sent us a photo of its election-coverage team, so — why not?

Lisa de Moraes November 6, 20185:22 pm

With Andrew Gillum still holding a teeny tiny edge in Fla. governor race, FNC’s Martha MacCallum declares the “trend of the evening: Charismatic, appealing candidaets appear to be going fairly well.”

Bret Baier translates: “Democrats recruited well, in other words.”

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20185:20 pm

Switching back to MSNBC for next 20 minutes. They are doing an ancestry.com ad — an obvious trolling of the president.

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20185:17 pm

Of course, it was Eiserhower who signed the National Interstate and Defense Highways Act in 1956. So we here in SoCal blame/credit him for all those cars that ended their cross-country journeys here and parked for good.

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20185:15 pm

Thanks to an anonymous commenter on deadline.com for this gem:

I saw so many problems at my polling place today, I wouldn’t be surprised if they declared Eisenhower a senator of California.

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20185:14 pm

Couple more minutes on CNN then switching to MSNBC.

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20185:13 pm

Brit Hume on Fox News, per an email we just got from them:

“No president in my memory, maybe ever has ever made himself as much the center of a midterm election as this president has. I remember covering Clinton in ‘94 when he went out and campaigned hard, Barack Obama did the same thing in 2010 to no avail in both cases as it turned out, their parties lost control of the house in those years but this president has done more and been more- has been more about him more than I can ever remember. And we will know something at the end of the voting tonight about whether there is new and unusual factor that we saw a sample of in 2016 that this president with his rallies and the things we didn’t mattered, matter a lot. Will they matter this time? We’ll find out tonight whether going out to these huge rallies, even when he’s not on the ballot, making himself the center of things, is effective for his party or not so much. So just as Chris said, it could end up as a rebuke to him or it could end up as a wash. It doesn’t look at this stage as if it’s going to end up as a big triumph for him.”

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20185:11 pm

My colleague Dominic Patten just posted a story about voter suppression in Georgia (where the secretary of state — who runs the elections — is vying for the governor’s mansion).

#StayInLine Says Common, Ava DuVernay & Hillary Clinton Of Georgia Poll Problems

Dino-Ray Ramos November 6, 20185:09 pm

“Maybe for a change, it’s a night where the polls got it mostly right,” says statistician Nate Silver on ABC.

Dino-Ray Ramos November 6, 20185:05 pm

ABC just started their coverage and they have some fancy graphics. Works for people like me who like pictures.

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20185:05 pm

Jake Tapper: “The Democrats look like they’re on track to have a good night.”

Lisa de Moraes November 6, 20185:04 pm

Flip No. 2: NBC News calls Florida’s 27th District for Dem Donna Shalala. Second GOP
seat to flip to Dems tonight.

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20185:04 pm

Third consecutive update in the Florida gov’s race shows Gillum’s lead shrinking. He’s now up by a not-whopping four-tenths of a percentage point.

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20185:03 pm

The Senate’s balance of power as is stands right now:

42 Republican
31 Democrat
27 seats still up for grabs.

Dems need to flip two seats to take back control.

Lisa de Moraes November 6, 20185:02 pm

Fox News Brett Baier has acknowledged “It looks like Barbara Comstock, the incumbent Republican, is in trouble” forecasting the night’s first Dem flip.

Rep.Comstock was attempting to hang on in a district Hillary Clinton won by 10 points two years ago. Little more than half of the votes are in and Dem Jennifer Wexton is 16 points ahead of Comstock.

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20185:01 pm

Hey come some projections: Six Dem incumbent senators win including Elizabeth Warren.

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20185:00 pm

5 pm PT is the biggest round of poll closings…

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20184:59 pm

Oh, clutch line from John King just now: “75% reporting in Palm Beach, Florida, at 8 o’clock at night — that’s breaking news in itself, right?”

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20184:56 pm

Per CNN, Magic Number for Dems to take the House is 22 after calling a Virginia race. John King notes that Democrats are leading in 11 of 12 “house pickup opportunities” at the moment.

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20184:53 pm

Oops, misfire on that “breaking news” entry just now…

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20184:51 pm

With 4 percent of precincts reporting, Brian Kemp is leading the Georgia governor’s race by 69.5% to Stacey Abrams’ 30.1%. The latter is the candidate who drew the likes of Barack Obama and Oprah Winfrey to rally for her last week.

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20184:50 pm

And Gillum still leading for FLA gov, but the margin is less than before.

Lisa de Moraes November 6, 20184:49 pm

“I have a feeling what we are going to see tonight this is going to be the revenge of the elite,” Steve Hilton just forecast on Fox News Channel of early signs of Dem inroads.

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Hilton, FYI, is former director of strategy for David Cameron, who was Prime Minister
and leader of the Conservative Party in the United Kingdom

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20184:49 pm

And with more than half of the precincts reporting, loooongime incumbent Bill Nelson is leading Florida governor Rick Scott in their Senate race by 51.6%-48.4%.

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20184:47 pm

West Virginia, where Trump won by more than 40 points two years ago, sees its incumbent Dem senator clobbering his GOP challenger in early voting.

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20184:46 pm

Oooh, cue the cool “Key Race Alert” fanfare on CNN!

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20184:46 pm

It’s “suburbs vs. rural areas” aka Celebrity Death Match.

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20184:45 pm

I knew Steve Kornacki, Mr. King. Steve Kornacki was a friend of mine. You, sir, are no Steve Kornacki.

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20184:44 pm

John King is Sominex at the big board. 

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20184:42 pm

Yes, this is the white GOP guy who warned voters not to “monkey this up” and vote for his black challenger.

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20184:42 pm

With about 2 million votes counted, Andrew Gillum leasds Ron DeSantis 52.1%46.9% in Florida governor race. 

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20184:38 pm

OK, it’s been 20 minutes — switching to CNN. 

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20184:38 pm

Same guy says, “Let’s see if the blue wave hits a red wall.” Because walls ALWAYS hold back water — amirite, hurricane victims?

Lisa de Moraes November 6, 20184:36 pm

https://twitter.com/ACLU/status/1059965989675249664ACLU tweets:
BREAKING: We’re asking the DOJ to investigate Border Patrol’s decision
to hold a “crowd control” exercise on Election Day less than a mile from
the polling location in a historically Latinx community.

Just because Border Patrol ultimately canceled the exercise after
outcry, doesn’t make the decision to do it in the first place okay.

Voter intimidation is illegal and has no place in our elections.

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20184:36 pm

Another pundit notes that McGrath had been leading by 15 points — until the Brett Kavanaugh thing. Then it got nearly even. 

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20184:35 pm

Amy McGrath leading by 5.5 percentage points in closely watched House race in the Bluegrass State. FNC’s Bret Baier,: “The fact that she is leading at thios point in that bellwether race in Kentucky could be an indication that Democrats could be having a pretty good night.”  Note that he drummed his fingers nervously JUST as he said “Democrats could be …”

Lisa de Moraes November 6, 20184:33 pm

FNC’s Martha MacCallum asks former DNC chair Ed Rendell why he thinks Donald Trump will get shellacked tonight, wondering why all the “good news” is not registering with voters. Maybe because it did not register with Trump?

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20184:30 pm

Turnout continues to be heavy around the country. This is good for neither party, both parties, America and democracy.

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20184:29 pm

And by “health care,” it’s likely they don’t mean “protection from the Invading Hordes from the South.”

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20184:28 pm

Exit polling continues to show that health care is the No. 1 issue in the midterms. 

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20184:25 pm

Governor and Senate candidates he strongly endorsed there are going to lose by mid-double digits.

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20184:24 pm

Fox News pundit: “Pennsylvania is going to deliver a body blow to President Trump today. his hopes of carrying Pennsylvania in 2020 are gonna be pretty dim after tomorrow morning.”

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20184:23 pm

This just in: Cookie Monster predicting a blue wave. 

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20184:21 pm

“President Trump believes he has done everything possible to try to turn out the vote for Republican candidates,” FNC’s John Roberts says. “All that’s left is to watch and see if everything was enough.”

Well put.

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20184:18 pm

By the way, Brit Hume just announced that the rich did not benefit from the big GOP tax cut. In other news, (your joke here).

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20184:15 pm

We’ll see tonight if this guy represents a trend.

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20184:15 pm

Fox News has two tables of four people each, which works better than the Last Supper-looking table CNN often deploys.

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20184:14 pm

OK, so Brit Hume is talking tax cuts and “who benefits” vs. “who gets what cut.

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20184:13 pm

Oops, I believed I was just thinking that…

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20184:12 pm

Good thing the election is tonight — I wouldn’t want to miss Southern Culture oin the Skids in OC tomorrow.

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20184:11 pm

From Nicolle Wallace to Chris Wallace. 

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20184:11 pm

Fox poll says President Trump was a factor for 63% of voters. Which raises a question: Were the other 37% voting like this?

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20184:08 pm

OK, switching to Fox News for a while. Let’s see what “Fair and Balanced” means tonight.

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20184:08 pm

The Big Wall touch screen is failing Kornacki at the moment. Brian Williams responds with, “Any of us who’s ever tried to use an iPad…”

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20184:07 pm

Yeah, but I’m doubting he said, “I can see Russia from my house!”

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20184:05 pm

Rick Scott up by 10 percentage points over Florida Gov. Bill Nelson for U.S. Senate, but it’s early (obviously).

Lisa de Moraes November 6, 20184:04 pm

Bernie Sanders has won a third term, Fox News Channel just called. Ditto Hillary Clinton’s running mate Tim Kaine, who has won another term.

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20184:02 pm

Rethinking “high profile” for Kaine here in 2018…

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20184:02 pm

MSNBC calls Indiana Senate race too close to call but high-profile Dems Bernie Sanders and Tim Kaine are projected winners.

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20184:00 pm

More polls are closing in seconds…

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20184:00 pm

And no, that’s not Robert Hays. Surely you can’t be serious.

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20183:58 pm

This guy was arrested today for threatening to shoot workers at a Pennsylvania polling place. I’m guessing that’s not the only charge he ever faced.

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20183:55 pm

If his MSNBC gig ever dries up, they gotta hire him to cover hurricanes for the Weather Channel.

Dino-Ray Ramos November 6, 20183:55 pm

Beyonce has her choice for her home state of Texas. I wonde if Cruz is crushed. 

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20183:54 pm

MSNBC’s Big Board wunderkind Steve Kornacki is on the case, This dude is sumthin’ else.

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20183:53 pm

Please vote if you havern’t already — and be patient.

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20183:53 pm

If anyone had an interesting voting experience today, tell us about it in the comments below. I went to the polling place I’ve been going for the past 13+ years, and a sign said it had bneen moved. After walking about 10 minutes to the right place, my name wasn’t on the first two lists.

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20183:51 pm

I wonder if the Big Pharma and Big Insurance ads will be superseded later by those for the likes of Pepto Bismol and international relocation services.

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20183:50 pm

Which reminds us that many of the most-watched races in the country also have a third-party candidate grabbing single digits. Yes, we remain a democracy — even if it’s dominated by two parties.

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20183:49 pm

This lawsuit could be significant if there’s a runoff, meaning neither candidate gets 50% of the vote.

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20183:48 pm

There’s a late-breaking lawsuit challenging Brian Kemp’s authority over the Georgia voting. He’s the secretary of state there and also runinng for governor. See prevous blog entry.

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20183:46 pm

We are not making this up.

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20183:46 pm

Another polling place was missing a power cord for its lone counting machine.

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20183:45 pm

To wit: Workers arrived at one polling place in Georgia where the landlord FORECLOSED ON THE PROPERTY OVERNIOGHT — leaving voters in that precinct to wonder why, how and what now?

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20183:44 pm

I’ll be switching around the cable nets every 20 minutes or so while my colleagues keep an eye on other channels. On MSNBC to start — where they are talking about either a) cases of voter suppression or 2) cases of just plain moronic behavior.

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20183:42 pm

Chuck Todd on MSNBC this afternoon laid out how the midterms could become a “blue tsunami,” but then he added, “If we still haven’t called the House for the Democrats by about 7 PM Eastern, that’s another ‘watch out’ moment because it could mean it was a much better night for the president and the red team.”

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20183:42 pm

Welcome to Deadline’s live blog of the midterms. We’ll be watching how the networks cover the unfolding drama of a crucial election.

Erik Pedersen November 6, 20183:41 pm

It’s Tuesday, November 6, 2018 — here we go.

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