Mini’s Vision Urbanaut Concept Comes To Life
95817 Mini's Vision Urbanaut Concept Comes To Life

Mini’s Vision Urbanaut Concept Comes To Life

As mentioned before, recycled and sustainable materials are just as important as the use of limited space, but other novelties are draws too. The concept is meant to capture the feelings of “Chill”, “Wanderlust”, and “Vibe.” Mini says fragrance, sound, and ambient lighting features inside the car help achieve this. The rear seat bench, where you can Chill, is called the ‘Cozy Corner’ and features a backlit loop above it that is inspired by a green forest canopy.

The concept of Wanderlust is captured by autonomous driving features, while the essence of Vibe is represented by the fact that opening the side door activates graphic equalizers and music for “a pleasant club atmosphere”. If you’re in the region, go check it out and experience how Mini perceives the future of mobility.

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