48300 More iPhone 8 Plus Units Showing Signs of Battery Failures, Displays Popping Out

More iPhone 8 Plus Units Showing Signs of Battery Failures, Displays Popping Out

An increasing number of iPhone 8 Plus customers are reporting device issues that are believed to occur due to battery failures causing the display to pop out.

MacRumors is pointing to two new different cases of iPhone 8 Plus models suffering from similar issues, one of which was handled by a repair shop in Greece.

iRepair provided photos of what appears to be an iPhone 8 Plus whose display burst open after the battery presumably swelled and pushed the screen out of the frame. According to the report, genuine Apple accessories were used, such as the Apple power adapter and the Lightning to USB cable, and the incident occurred during the night when the phone was left charging.

However, it’s worth mentioning that the iPhone 8 Plus arrived in perfect condition, and the screen popped out the first night after being set up.

A second case was reported in Canada where a customer returned his iPhone 8 Plus to Apple due to the exact same issue. No specifics were provided this time, but it appears that a similar battery failure generated pressure on the screen before eventually pushing it out.

Apple obviously tight-lipped

Apple hasn’t provided a new statement on these reports, but the company originally said that it was investigating complaints of iPhone 8 Plus units experiencing displays coming out of the frame. For the time being, however, it appears that only the iPhone 8 Plus is affected, with the smaller 4.7-inch version likely to be alright.

While the percentage of defective units is still small in the case of the iPhone 8 Plus, this is exactly how the whole saga started for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. After isolated reports of overheating and batteries bursting into flames, the number of complaints pointing to defective Note 7 batteries increased substantially, especially as more customers received their handsets.

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The iPhone 8 Plus isn’t yet available in all markets and it hasn’t yet reached all its customers, so if there’s indeed a widespread issue, more similar reports could follow soon. As with everything Apple, the company remains tight-lipped on this, as every single word its spokespersons say could have a huge impact on sales.

And here's another Plus, again with the screen off

And here’s another Plus, again with the screen off
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