99016 New Alpina B3 Beats The BMW M3 In Almost Every Way

New Alpina B3 Beats The BMW M3 In Almost Every Way

As you might imagine, the B3 isn’t cheap. In Australia, Alpina charges $152,900AUS, which is around $108,000. German buyers pay €88,600 for the sedan and €88,900 for the wagon, or $94,582 and $94,902. Alpina offers dozens of options that can quickly drive the price tag over the €100,000 mark, including a €4,350 Merino leather interior, €1,950 Alpina exclusive paint, and €3,760 20-inch forged Alpina wheels.

Beyond the 3 and 7 Series, Alpina tunes the 4 and 5 series, along with SUVs. However, the B3 alone is enough to break hearts. We don’t get the standard 3 Series wagon anymore, which also means we lose out on the M3 Touring. Buyers are further limited in their choices of hot wagons here, as the market is limited to the Mercedes-AMG E63 and the Audi RS6 Avant.

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