New Bentley Models Will Soundtrack Your Drive
95782 New Bentley Models Will Soundtrack Your Drive

New Bentley Models Will Soundtrack Your Drive

Porsche revealed a new infotainment system earlier this month, packed with a ton of cool new features. Among the system’s new abilities, the “Soundtrack My Life” feature is the most unique. The infotainment system will analyze your driving pattern, speed, time of day, and surroundings to create a customized instrumental soundtrack for the journey. Since Bentley and Porsche are both a part of the Volkswagen Group and use a similar infotainment system in the dash, the former now has this cool new feature.

Partnering with industry experts LifeScore, Bentley introduces its new “adaptive music” feature. As with Porsche, the system uses artificial intelligence to compose a soundtrack for a drive. Bentley says it will use complex algorithms to craft music ranging from relaxed grand touring to energetic.

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