New York Times Columnists Ooze Sadness After Trump Win

New York Times Columnists Ooze Sadness After Trump Win

New York Times columnists are clinging to sanity in the wake of Donald Trump’s electoral victory on Tuesday.

Thomas Friedman and Paul Krugman, two of the most prominent facially-haired philosopher/pundits in America, struggled to process their anguish at the shocking outcome few had predicted.

Friedman’s column, “Homeless in America” was a prototypical Tom Friedman column, beginning with an anecdote about an immigrant from Zimbabwe and driving his point home with a quote from the CEO of a leadership consulting company.

Friedman described having “more fear than I’ve ever had in my 63 years” that a Donald Trump presidency could “break our country” like a delicate Fabergé egg. He was profoundly disturbed.

As much as I knew that it was a possibility, the stark fact that a majority of Americans wanted radical, disruptive change so badly and simply did not care who the change agent was, what sort of role model he could be for our children, whether he really had any ability to execute on his plan — or even really had a plan to execute on — is profoundly disturbing.

Paul Krugman, meanwhile, was pondering whether Trump’s election could mean the United States was on the verge of becoming a “failed state” consumed by “deep hatred.”

It’s not the first time Krugman has expressed his thoughts on Trump and the 2016 presidential campaign. Back in 2015, he was writing columns suggested Trump might not be so bad compared to the other Republicans who sought the GOP nomination.



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