73759 No Loitering Please

No Loitering Please

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Category: The world through the mirror
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No Loitering Please

I am in our front yard at our present address in late morning. Three of my fictitious sons and one real one (the youngest; Oliver) are present. They are in a group facing each other. There are also a few unknown children, both male and female, closer to the curb. No one is perceived as mischievous.

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I absentmindedly tell a fictitious son, “I told you not to stand around at the front of our house”.

Immediately after this, I am facing a young girl and it is implied that she thought I had said this to her. The sudden location shift, as if I had unwillingly rapidly turned counterclockwise as my fictitious son only moved slightly to my right so that I now suddenly faced the girl, does not strike me as impossible or trigger any realization that it could only be a dream.

I inform her that I was not talking to her but was saying this to my son in the hopes of not offending her. I am not sure why I am making an implied apology to the preconscious avatar, but this situation seems a bit backwards, as it would make more sense to tell strangers not to hang around at the front of our house rather than our own children (whether they are only a dream state denizen or not).

This dream is not symbolic of, or literally relevant to, any recent real-life event and I would certainly not talk to any of our children this way in real life. It is typical waking transition autosymbolism that often involves the preconscious avatar (the unknown girl in this case) initiating a return-to-consciousness trigger, in this case, because I had been asleep on my right side (which I consider unhealthy, as it results in lighter and less restful sleep). In this case, it is a precursor to rolling over in bed (counterclockwise as in my dream), in the direction Zsuzsanna is sleeping (on my left).

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